Style Tip: Try Undercabinet Lighting for Flair and Function

Are you looking for a simple way to bring style and panache to your home? Try undercabinet lighting to add flair along with increased function. Undercabinet lighting is both a practical and elegant lighting solution that brings focused illumination wherever needed to make spaces brighter, more functional, and beautiful.

Undercabinet lighting is an essential part of layered lighting design. It complements overhead lighting by adding economical light that decreases shadows and dark spots caused by overhead lighting and cabinetry on work areas. It provides focused light on countertops to help with food prep and other tasks. In the evening, turn on undercabinet lighting to accent a room's decor and to act as night lighting.

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Ideal for task lighting in the kitchen, home office, garage and laundry room, undercabinet lighting offers a cost-effective solution for task lighting over countertops and work surfaces. Light is not wasted by spilling across a room but is instead directed toward a surface for food prep, cooking, and other focused tasks.

Since undercabinet lighting is designed especially for small spaces, it's perfect for accent lighting. It adds a soft ambiance and romantic feel when used to highlight backsplashes, wall textures and other decorative elements.

Undercabinet lighting is typically attached to the underside of wall-mounted upper cabinets. However, since these lights feature a low-profile design that is easily concealed by a cabinet's molding, it can also be used above cabinetry, in coves and soffits, and along base cabinet toe-kicks to create a fresh ambiance and boost visual intrigue. Undercabinet lighting is either battery operated or wired, and the lamps, plugs, and wiring installed are hidden from view.

There are three primary types of undercabinet Lighting: Puck, Linear, and Tape.

Puck lighting is focused light that accents items and brings decorative character to a room. The low-profile design provides versatility to allow installations inside a cabinet, under a cabinet for spot or targeted light distribution, and above a cabinet to provide up light. Use puck lights inside and underneath cabinets for spot or targeted light distribution on surfaces.

Linear lighting provides even illumination under the entire cabinet length. Select linear lighting when consistent and high light levels are desired. It comes complete with 120V direct wire application, eliminating the need for remote power supplies or conversion boxes, and an on-off switch for easy access task lighting.

Tape lighting is flexible and can be used where space is limited or where longer lengths of light are needed. Its long continuous length, low profile, flexibility for navigating curves, and adhesive backing that sticks to many surfaces makes it perfect for areas such as toe kicks and cove lighting, and where lengths longer than the cabinetry is needed.

Most rooms will need a combination of some, or all of these types of undercabinet lighting, depending on the size of the space. Often, puck, linear, and tape lighting can be used together to provide a beautiful and functional overall effect that really ups the wow factor of a home.

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