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Interior designer Denise Enright believes eye-catching light fixtures can make or break a room. Working with Progress to plan the lighting for This Old House's 2020 Idea House "was a really good fit," said Enright. Along with her stylish selections to enhance the Coastal Chic vision, our sister company, iDevices, and parent company, Hubbell Incorporated, provided smart switches and outlets for connectivity that made the house shine.

Ratio Collection | Six-Light Pendant

Cool, Casual Coastal Chic
The home's casual and comfortable living area has open sightlines, a wall of windows and French doors that lead out to the deck. The Coastal Chic decor gives a modern and sophisticated edge, making the Ratio six-light pendant's low-slung silhouette the perfect choice to illuminate the space. The Jeffrey Alan Marks Surfrider pendant is a delightful counterpart that delineates the dining area.

"In an open space where you can see several fixtures from one vantage point, you'll want the fixtures to complement one another, but not necessarily match. Here, each fixture shares a similar shape and circumference, but the Surfrider hangs a bit lower to bring a sense of intimacy to the dining area," explained Enright. "And the soft blue color is reflected in dinnerware, artwork, and other accessories to tie the room together."

App or Voice? It's Your Choice
An iDevices Wall Outlet was installed in the living room behind furniture, making it easy to control lighting and anything else plugged into the outlet without having to move furniture. The Wall Outlet provides two receptacles that homeowners can control independently through the iDevices Connected app, or with voice commands to Siri, Amazon Alexa, and the Google Assistant.

For outside ease and extra peace of mind, the iDevices Wall Switch was installed for connected control of exterior fixtures on the deck. This allows homeowners to schedule and automate these fixtures via the iDevices Connected app or use voice commands to turn on the lights while they're enjoying their outdoor space.

Latrobe Collection | One-Light Pendant

Cabinets of driftwood gray carry the coastal theme into the kitchen, where a pair of clear glass, bottle-inspired Latrobe pendants illuminate the leather-textured island countertop.

Instinct™ by iDevices, a smart light switch featuring Amazon Alexa built-in, eliminates the need for a separate smart speaker and frees up counter space by providing hands-free lighting, music streaming, news and weather, and recipe help.

Hubbell's Wall Mount Wireless Charger & USB Outlet frees up even more space by providing a convenient, all-in-one charging zone in the kitchen. It features a secure phone mount so homeowenrs can keep their devices off the counter.

Smart, Multi-functional Living
The Idea House was carefully planned to be a multi-functional and to create revenue streams for the owner. It has a private ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) that can be rented out or used as an in-law apartment plus an amazing garage workspace that's ideal for a craftsman's studio.

The ADU has a fully equipped galley kitchen, a spacious living area, a bedroom nook, and a full bathroom. The hallway leading into the ADU kitchen uses the smart iDevices Dimmer Switch for easy adjustments to the space's ambiance. Dimmer Switch is compatible with Siri, Amazon Alexa, and the Google Assistant, so even the most subtle lighting adjustments can be made with a voice command.

Astra Collection | Six-Light Pendant

High ceilings through the ADU space offered the opportunity for statement-making lighting. The Astra pendant in the dining area gives a playful punch of mid-century modern flair while the Beaker pendant in the living area suspends clear glass shades from herringbone-patterned, cloth-covered cords. "I like the mix of industrial and modern styling of this fixture, and it brings a sense of balance to the sloped ceiling of the living area," said Enright. In the sleeping area, the Hangar 3-light pendant creates visual interest in the vertical space.

The maker's studio in the garage features a pair of Cedar Springs wall lanterns as a pop of unexpected charm against the rich gray walls. "This fixture has the classic, gooseneck style I was looking for, but the cheerful pistachios hade is what really drew me to the piece," said Enright. Slatted walls and built-in countertops in the work area provide plenty of room for crafting and building.

The work surfaces are powered by Hubbell's Countertop Pop-up Receptacle, providing easy access to power. When not in use, the flush mount, tamper-resistant receptacle is hidden smoothly inside the workbench.

It's easy to be smart! Visit iDevices and Hubbell to learn how.

Photo Credit: Jared Kuzia

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