See it First: Three Interior Design Trends for 2023

Progress Lighting presents an overview of three emerging interior design trends for 2023 along with curated lighting ideas that will add a personalized appearance to your home.

Three Interior Design Trends for 2023

Interior design trends continue to evolve, whether by necessity or invention. Over the past few years, we've seen the rise of some popular styles in the home design market. Here is an overview of these three interior design trends, with curated lighting ideas that will add a personalized appearance to your home.

Cottage Core Becomes Heritage

PROG_P400313-163_hero_PRODIMAGE_515Cottage Core is a design style coined a few years ago, featuring interiors containing vintage and antique pieces, romantic floral patterns, and natural materials. This trend has evolved to Heritage, which takes the nostalgia and whimsy of Cottage Core and creates a more sophisticated, visually rich style. The idea of "heirloom" is a central element, showcasing furnishings that are inherited or thrifted and upcycled. Maximalist décor makes a statement, such as historically inspired, bold wallpaper that has been reinvented with a modern twist. Finishes lean towards antique brass and gold tones to add old-world charm. Lighting includes styles like the Gilliam 6-Light chandelier, whose elegant slim circular silhouette is finished in a vintage brass, accenting Heritage settings with a modern touch.

"A key idea for the Heritage trend is the contrast of old and new as a completely fresh perspective," said David Peek, Progress Lighting Sr. Director of Product Development. "This style is a continual evolution with ideas and inspirations passed from one age to the next."

Mid-Century Modern Evolution to Organic Modern

Haas_Dtl_1_WEBMid-Century Modern is a quirky and functional design style emphasizing pared-down forms, organic shapes, and simple fabrications. This trend has evolved to Organic Modern, which has roots in the mid-century aesthetic but adds new levels of sophistication with a more understated color palette.

"The one idea that sums up this beautifully warm style is less is more, but less doesn't mean reduced visual richness since there's a purposeful use of materials and textures that add depth to the room," explains David. "The neutral palette tilts back towards a warmer palette and even combines blacks and brown tones, in the same way we saw mixed metals emerge several years ago."

Lighting fixtures for this trend include the Haas chandelier, whose bold linear frame branches out to embrace smoothly etched opal glass globes, elegantly melding together modern and organic inspirations.

The Trend Towards Natural

Taking warm, casual cues from coastal and global themes such as Japandi, Natural has emerged as a design trend. Authentic materials or natural-looking synthetics dominate this trend, joining with a clean, bright color palette that introduces splashes of green, blue, and other comfortable colors.

"From woven cane panels and chairs and cabinets to overscale knotted textiles, there is a definite human element in this trend that values the craftsmanship of true artisans, whether their creations are simple or complex," says David.

Handcrafted lighting pieces ideal for the Natural trend include the Chandra pendant, woven by artisans into a simple, artful lantern form. In addition, the Pembroke outdoor pendant has a densely woven, weather-resistant handcrafted mocha rattan shade creating a warm and inviting glow in outdoor entertaining spaces.

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