Organizational Ideas and Lighting Tips for Productive Spaces

Working from home? Progress Lighting offers organizational ideas and lighting tips for the productive spaces in your home.

Organizational Ideas and Lighting Tips for Productive Spaces Progress Lighting Blog

Working from home, homeschooling, homework. No matter what your fall schedule is like, an organized workspace can help to improve focus and productivity. The key is to put systems in place so you are prepared to tackle any project that comes your way. Here are some organizational ideas for a productive space.

Create a Simple, Minimalist Aesthetic in Your Home Office

Keep desk accessories clean and simple. Papers and miscellaneous items tend to pile up, which can be overwhelming. Begin by selecting at least three things to throw away. Then, as celebrity organizer Marie Kondo suggests, ask yourself, "does this item spark joy?" Does it bring up a wonderful, happy memory? Is it a household item that makes your life easier and more efficient through its utility? If it doesn't spark joy, toss it.

To keep a minimalist aesthetic in your home office, consider installing a ceiling fan with a light – it will do double duty of keeping the space airy and cool while delivering ambient illumination. The Byars 54-inch ceiling fan is deeply functional while providing modern transitional styling. Byars offers both soft uplight and even downlight illumination with a dual-lens combination of integrated LED light sources that can be controlled individually with the 6-speed, full-function remote control with full range dimming.

Use Storage Systems

Organize items in cubbies and drawers. This desk system is naturally neat, symmetrical, and perfectly proportioned, making it easier for more than one child to do homework or other tasks. Again, a ceiling fan with light is a practical way to illuminate tasks. The Carrollwood ceiling fan makes a sophisticated statement with lustrous accent bands that circle the fan body and light kit, delivering a luxurious element to the fan's striking design. The light is an LED module covered by a shatterproof shade and is dimmable. A remote control is included for added convenience.

Illuminate Open Shelving with Wall Sconces


No closet? No worries. Use open shelves as an accent wall to organize and style your home office while putting a substantial amount of empty wall space to use. Wall sconces with adjustable arms deliver illumination where you need it, like a pair of Hinton sconces that offer a touch of industrial style. Opaque metal shades on a swing arm provide effective task lighting wherever focused illumination is called upon.

Lighting Tips for Home Offices

2019_11_03_999-169-Edit_TNARH_Glandon_WEBFeaturing Glandon

No matter where you work, proper lighting plays a crucial role in avoiding fatigue, eye strain and other discomforts. Positioning your desk or workspace correctly also helps to prevent glare. For example, if the room has natural light streaming from windows, place your desk perpendicular to the window, ideally facing north or south, so that sunlight does not cast shadows at certain times of the day. If an overhead fixture is the only light source, situate your workstation so that the light shines from behind it.

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