New Dining Room Lighting Trends

Progress Lighting describes new dining room trends for 2022 that are contemporary, relaxed, comfortable, and transform the way dining rooms are used in homes today.

dining room lighting trends

At one time, the dining room had a reputation of being a little-used room, opened only for holiday gatherings or formal dinners. Now, however, new dining room trends have transformed the way we use this room. Whether your dining room is a separate space, part of an open plan layout or a small area carved out from another room, we'll show you how dining rooms can be functional and trendy.

Relaxed and Comfortable with Bright Lighting


Light and airy, this dining room showcases a trend toward biophilia, using natural light, organic elements, shapes, and forms to create an atmosphere that enhances our psychological and physiological experience. In other words, it makes us feel good! This room has plenty of natural light, furniture fashioned from warm wood, and simple décor that brings a calm and soothing ambiance. Our Parkhurst chandelier over the dining table strikes a bright note. It combines a warm brushed bronze finish with graceful curves and bold angles, creating an airy structure that defines the form and produces unobstructed layers of light.


Contemporary with Statement Lighting

This dining room is the epitome of New Traditional style, and here's why. New Traditional spaces are timeless with elegant additions that offer a little fun and youthfulness to keep the design fresh. This space mixes and matches opposing elements such as light and dark wood stains and a sleek dining table with softly rounded upholstered chairs. A light color palette and uncovered windows that allow light to stream in helps to make the space feel open and spacious rather than cramped. Jeffrey Alan Marks Point Dume™ Wandermere Chandelier makes a statement in this dining room by balancing a modern symmetry of form and substance. Elegantly outstretched arms hold gently curving, two-tone metallic shades articulate outwards from a brushed brass center column.


Image Credit: Conventry Homes

Outdoor Lighting with a Ceiling Fan

Since people are spending more time at home, outdoor living spaces are necessary to restore the body and mind. This dining area features large glass walls that create a seamless transition between the inside and outside of the home. The Mesilla ceiling fan has an organic style that delivers natural grace and beauty to indoor and outdoor rooms. Its flower-like silhouette comes from five hand-finished ABS blades that gently wrap around the housing, creating a beautiful focal point.


Small Spaces with Multi-Directional Light

Apartments and smaller homes may not have a formal dining room, but you can still carve out space for a separate eating area. Round tables are an essential, space-saving element. Replacing the sharp angles of a traditional rectangular dining table with the curved edges of a circular table also creates an informal and intimate atmosphere. Soothing blue-sky walls and a clean white color palette create a calming backdrop that is punctuated by the stunning Mariposa chandelier. Mariposa's organic feel is balanced by the minimalist lines of its multi-directional light arrangement, making a striking focal point.

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