Lighting Tips for the Perfect Ambiance

Progress Lighting offers lighting tips to create the perfect cozy and romantic Valentine's Day ambiance this winter.

Lighting Tips for the Perfect Ambiance

Valentine’s Day is next week! The proper lighting is a crucial element in creating a romantic setting. However, whether you celebrate or not, it is still the time of year to create a cozy atmosphere in your home with our lighting tips for the perfect ambiance.

Multi-Layered Lighting

The key to a proper lighting plan is to use a multi-layered approach that combines three types of light: ambient, task, and accent lighting. These different light levels will add variation, warmth, and the desired atmosphere.

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Start with your first layer of ambient or general lighting. This can come from overhead flush mounts, statement chandeliers or even ceiling fans. Recessed downlights are a popular way to add overhead light and can be easily dimmed. Often, they incorporate selectable LED technology right within the light. It’s easy to change the color temperature within a range from warm to cool by merely flipping a switch.

Our Intrinsic Collection recessed downlights feature an adjustable, dimmable integrated LED that delivers general ambient lighting. In addition, the 5-CCT selectable LED light engine offers flexibility in application, allowing the choice of 5 different color temperatures to suit your design intent. Visit our blog post on Understanding Color Selectable LED Lighting to learn more about this technology.


Task and accent lighting provide the light for the rest of the room. To create a romantic ambiance, use three or more light sources to layer the illumination for a better atmosphere and contrast. For example, try a combination of ceiling lights, chandeliers, pendants, wall sconces and floor and table lamps at varying heights to create the perfect atmosphere.

Fine-Tune Illumination with Dimmer Switches

Use dimmer switches to fine-tune the illumination in a room. Want an inviting glow? Just dim down the switch to instantly establish intimacy. When you need bright light for office or schoolwork, turn the dimmer switch higher to raise the room’s light level.

Since textured and dark surfaces absorb light rather than reflect them, try heavy curtains to keep out the cold and natural daylight. Or change your lamp shades: try swapping out light-colored shades with heavier drum shades to dim the light.

Switch Your Current Light Bulbs


When craving a warm, soft glow, an easy way to get it is by simply switching your current light bulbs for lower wattage or lumen bulbs to keep the room cozy when snuggling up on a cold winter’s night. A word of caution: whether you go bright or dim, make sure you keep your bulb choice within the wattage range recommended by the fixture manufacturer.  

Explore our additional blog for more lighting tips for your home today.

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