Illuminate Your Space with LED Ceiling Fans

Progress Lighting's energy-efficient LED ceiling fans combine advanced technology and cutting-edge design to deliver a multitude of benefits to any space.

Illuminate Your Space with LED Ceiling Fans

National Ceiling Fan, observed on September 18th, celebrates how modern ceiling fans provide efficient cooling comfort, illumination and versatile style to indoor and outdoor spaces. And there’s more to celebrate: With the advent of integrated LED illumination in recent years, today’s new LED ceiling fans are energy-efficient, trend-forward and technologically advanced solutions that offer many benefits for your home.

Benefits of LED Ceiling Fans


LED ceiling fans are a fusion of two essential elements: effective cooling and efficient lighting. Just like traditional ceiling fans, LED ceiling fans have blades that rotate to create airflow. This airflow helps in cooling by evaporating sweat from your skin. The motor in the fan's housing powers the rotation of the blades and many modern ceiling fans use energy-efficient, silent and durable DC motors that enhance their overall performance.

Dimmable Integrated LED Technology


The fans use innovative integrated LED technology to deliver dimmable illumination in several color temperatures. These LED lights are highly energy-efficient, producing minimal heat compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. Integrated LED lighting distributes dimmable, even illumination with minimal glare, creating a more comfortable and inviting atmosphere in your living spaces. Many LED ceiling fans offer adjustable light color temperatures, allowing you to customize the ambiance to your preference.

Effortless Smart Controls

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Most LED ceiling fans come with remote controls or wall-mounted control panels, allowing the fan speed and light intensity to be easily adjusted. And, many modern LED ceiling fans often come with smart home compatibility, enabling control through smartphone apps or voice-assisted devices like Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Remote controls and smart home integration offer effortless operation, allowing you to fine-tune the fan speed and lighting without leaving your seat. Timers and scheduling features let you automate the fan and lighting settings, optimizing comfort and energy efficiency.

Our latest collection of LED ceiling fans comes in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and finishes, making it easy to find one that complements your home's décor. Here are some of our picks for LED ceiling fans that deliver the utmost in stylish design and practical function.

Top Picks for LED Ceiling Fans





The Bexar fan features an integrated 18W LED module to illuminate a room with soft, 3000K light. Unique metal detailing on its blades of the join to form a flower-like pattern, bringing a touch of whimsy to modern farmhouse and transitional settings.



Our Dallam ceiling fan graciously creates the impression of a flower in bloom as its six blades wrap gently around its opal white shade. An integrated 20W LED module offers color-selectable 90 CRI illumination in a gentle 2700K, 3000K soft light or a bright 5000K light that you select from the included full-function remote control.



With a unique, wicker-wrapped shade and five reversible fan blades, the 52-inch  Schaal ceiling fan brings a global presence to rooms in coastal settings. An 18W integrated LED module delivers soft, 3000K 90 CRI illumination through white opal glass. This versatile fan has a UL damp rating, which makes this lovely fan ideal for use inside or in outdoor covered areas.

Celebrate the 10th anniversary of the 2023 National Ceiling Fan Day by discovering your next new ceiling fan here.

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