Function + Style Lead the Way in 2021

Choosing the perfect lighting isn't just about the statement pieces that finish a room's look. It's also crucial to have the correct functional lighting that creates layers of light for beauty, safety, and daily tasks. Complete your home's lighting plan with our functional lighting workhorses like undercabinet lights, recessed lighting, and the latest in color-selectable LED lighting. We've got them all in our 2021 new product launch.

We've introduced a new portfolio of color selectable LEDs with integrated selectable correlated color temperature (‚ÄüCCT").

What is Color Selectable Technology?

Selectable CCT offers options for you to customize your lighting based on your decor intentions. Prefer a warmer light for a cozy ambiance? No problem. Need cooler, brighter light at certain times of the day? Color selectable LED has you covered: you can make your room look and feel exactly the way you want. Need different light levels in the same room? CCT infuses a layer of control that's perfectly aligned with lighting multi-functional spaces in the home.

  • The 5-CCT selectable LED light engine offers flexibility in application, allowing the choice of 5 different color temperatures: warm, soft, bright, cool or daylight (2700K - 5000K).
  • Color selectable is a selectable white, meaning that there are discrete color settings. It should not be confused with tunable white, which blends white colors along a continuous scale.
  • CCT is not RGB or RGBw technology, which uses red, green, blue and/or white to create colors other than white.
  • When you're shopping for CCT, look for a "CS" in the part number where color temperature is traditionally noted. CS indicates that the bulb is color selectable.
  • Typically, a switch located on the product is used to select the color setting.

New CCT Styles to Try

Fixture P810018-028-CS has a smooth metal trim that provides an elevated look and a 5-CCT adjustable light source that can be aimed and used as a standard downlight, accent light, wall wash or sloped ceiling light. Its adjustable light source remains hidden within the trim for a crisp, clean appearance.

For a traditional style, try P810019-028-CS, whose clean-styled baffle trim reduces glare and provides a familiar and classic look along with 5-CCT technology.

The Hide-a-Lite Linear Undercabinet LED has an elegant design, 5 color temperature settings, and a lens that optimizes light distribution, ensuring proper illumination of the workspace below.

New Intrinsic Collection Fixtures

We've expanded our popular Intrinsic line of recessed LEDs with new products that feature more flexibility in design than ever. A range of fixtures is available in smooth or baffle trim design choices for a simple, classic look that elegantly accent ceilings. Many of these have adjustable light sources that can be aimed to create downlight, accent light, wall washer or sloped ceiling light.

New Year, New Lighting!
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