Fresh Take on Finishes

Progress Lighting describes new finish combinations on new 2022 Progress Lighting fixtures launching January, 2022.

Much of a light fixture's style comes from its finish: many beautiful shades, luxurious tones, and subtle textures are available today. In addition, shades of black, gold, white and silver can be found in matte, satin and polished textures, delivering a totally different look and feel to the same lighting design.

For 2022, Progress Lighting's product design experts are elevating our lighting designs with new finish combinations. Here's a first look at how finish trends are evolving next year.

Black + Gold
Pairing black and gold together is a classic combination in lighting. Soft gold tones radiate warmth, beautifully contrasting with cooler tones of matte or textured black.

Coastal Blue +Silver
Another favorite for lovers of coastal design is accenting Coastal Blue with silver tones such as polished chrome. The dual finishes offer a gentle pop of color and shine against the popular white and gray color schemes commonly used in Coastal and Modern Farmhouse settings.

New Combos
Joining these classic combos are new unique pairings. Many of our new fixtures debuting in January combine warm gold tones with cooler, neutral tones like grays and silvers, creating striking contrasts. The gold finishes vary in sheen and texture, making them pop against calmer tones.

Dome Shades

Dome-style shades offer the perfect surface for contrasting finishes. The new Radian LED pendant sports three dual finish options. The first, Matte Black with a Satin Gold interior, is a classic combination that is darkly dramatic while warmly reflecting light downward.

The second combination blends a Satin White dome shade with a warm Satin Gold interior for a much different look. The smooth white, concentric exterior makes a clean, modern statement, while the warm gold interior funnels radiance to the surface below. And, for a truly minimalist style, Radian is also offered in a Brushed Nickel — Satin Aluminum combo. These two timeless silver tones join to create a crisp, retro look ideal for mid-century modern and contemporary interiors.

The dome-shade Dalton vanity light collection builds on the classic color combinations of Matte Black with Vintage Brass and Coastal Blue paired with Polished Chrome. The finish options are a nod to the vintage inspiration of turnkey detail supporting a solid dome shade, making it a perfect fit for rustic spaces that seek a modern edge.

Touch of Gold
A touch of gold adds an element of luxury and sophistication to a space. The new Lorin pedant features a contemporary design of sleek metal wires gathered by a smooth, wide metal collar to create a stylized trumpet silhouette that will make a modern, stylish statement in any home. In addition, Lorin comes in three finish combinations: a soft Burnished Nickel frame highlighted by a Brushed Nickel band; and a smooth Satin White or Matte Black frame that showcases a lustrous Brushed Bronze band.

Stay tuned - our new 2022 lighting collections debut in January 2022 on the Progress Lighting website, lighting showrooms nationwide and e-commerce retailers.

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