Fashion-Forward Fans

New ceiling fans from Progress Lighting combine fashion-forward elements with the latest function and technology to make a style statement in today’s homes.

Ceiling fans have evolved from being a simple appliance that cools the air to a statement of style that complements the decor of a space. For years, ceiling fans have been purely functional: they circulated cool air and reduced room temperature, keeping occupants comfortable. There weren't many stylish designs or features to choose from.

Today, modern ceiling fans don't blend in with existing decor; instead, they serve as a statement piece or even a room's focal point. And there's a plethora of features to choose from: hands-free, remote control options, smart technology, various sizes, number of blades, and LED or traditional light kit options.

Here's a selection of some our newest fans featuring appealing designs and fresh finishes that balance style and efficiency.

We're a Fan of Fandeliers
A relatively new concept in ceiling fan design, fandeliers combine a ceiling fan's function with the style of an overhead lighting fixture. These fans feature robust, all-weather construction that's ideal for outdoor use in covered areas like porches, indoors in damp locations like baths, or virtually any other room in the home.

Two of our favorites are Briarwood and Belva. Briarwood brings vintage farmhouse detailing into the present day with a classic cross-brace pattern frame surrounding a trio of fan blades and vintage-style bulbs. The Belva ceiling fan offers coastal charm with its lattice-like, natural wicker frame enclosing a trio of fan blades and vintage-style bulbs.

Fan Styles to Fit Every Decor


Modern design comes to the forefront in the ceiling fan category, with fans that emphasize sleek looks appropriate for various settings. Edwidge cleverly houses the motor within the trio of fan blades providing an elegant, modern look. Kaysville offers a modern industrial style, with beautiful long bent blades that appear to be held only by a simple metal band.


Farmhouse influences continue in the fan category as epitomized by the nostalgic appeal of Midvale. A rustic cage frame captures vintage-style LED bulbs inside a clear seeded glass shade, and a banded metal ceiling canopy completes the charming look.


Bring your home right to the ocean side with beach-inspired accents, organic furnishings and an overall relaxed feel. Try Rudder, a fan with a matte white finish and boat oar-inspired blades that cool a home with a refreshing breeze.


Modern Craftsman
Clean lines and hand-worked wooden elements characterize a Modern Craftsman home, contributing a casual vibe. Hang a sleek fan like Braden from a paneled ceiling for Craftsman style with a modern edge.


Mid-Century Modern
Quirky and functional, this style's flair comes from its modern, yet retro, juxtaposition. Designers look for statement pieces like the clean lines of the large-scale Vast fan that powerfully moves air while completing the contemporary look.

Urban Industrial
Sanford is a fandelier with a simple but edgy vibe that takes its cue from warehouse origins. Ultra-powerful air movement is packaged in a vintage cage frame for true industrial style.

Choosing a ceiling fan doesn't have to be difficult. Check out our expert tips for selecting a ceiling fan.

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