Coastal Chic: A New Definition of Luxury

Coastal Chic. It's the elevated, sophisticated version of coastal design that is quickly becoming popular across the country, no matter how near or far from the beach you live. It's the design theme of the 2020 This Old House Idea House: Cottage on the Cape, and their project team perfectly captured Coastal Chic's refined beachy feel in the Eastham, MA home.
This Old House is an icon in the world of home improvement. And, since 2015, they've taken their beloved brand a step further, by building homes from the ground up to inspire homeowners with new ideas and innovative products. Progress Lighting was happy to collaborate with This Old House to provide the lighting in this year's Idea House. Interior designer Denise Enright chose lighting from the Jeffrey Alan Marks Point Dume™ Collection from the Progress Design Series as a key focal point for the home's main living area. The fixtures are a delightful complement to the home's inviting atmosphere, soft colors, gorgeous textures and luminous finishes.
"The key to achieving Coastal Chic decor is being beachy without being kitschy. I created a palette of crisp fresh neutrals and layered it with the colors of the coast: the beach, the sky, the water. And I used plenty of texture," said Enright, "Lots of linen, rattan, and even leather to create an interesting, warm and welcome space." Jeffrey Alan Marks, the designer of the Point Dume™ Collection, describes the coastal design style as one that is "defined by relaxed luxury. Watery hues mixed with glamourous details create meaningful layered coastal-inspired interiors," said Marks.

Surfrider Collection

Image credit: Jared Kuzia

The Point Dume™ Surfrider pendant over the dining room table establishes the tone for the home. With tiers of blue reminiscent of gentle waves lapping the sandy shore, "The Surfrider pendant is definitely my favorite fixture," said Enright. "It is simple, cool, modern- the perfect focal point and the perfect scale for the space."

"Coastal design, like all design styles, is enhanced by great lighting," said Marks.

"Lighting not only sets the atmosphere for the room but is a great easy way to define a design style. Cool blues and metals instantly transform a room from more rustic barn-inspired to coastal beach glam." The design of the other Point Dume™ fixtures used in the home also play on Mark's love of all things coastal. "In all my design work, I am inspired by the ocean.
The ocean can be both calm and gentle, but at times rough and stormy," said Marks. "This dichotomy epitomizes coastal design which balances beautiful soft whites, blues, and sand tans with leathers and brushed metal."

Rockdance Collection

Image credit: Jared Kuzia

The mudroom entrance is illuminated by the Point Dume™ Rockdance semi-flush light, whose beige leather strap detailing and seeded glass highlight the blue-green walls. "I love the way Jeffrey takes a typically-shaped fixture and brings in unexpected new materials for added flair," said Enright.

Shearwater Collection

Image credit: Lukas Scott

In the stairwell, the Point Dume™ Shearwater sconces offer a taste of sea-faring detail along with more bespoke leather detailing, reminding Enright of lamplight along the coast at night. "This house is a great example of how to mix elements and colors to achieve Coastal Chic design," said Marks. "Blonde and tan woods work so well with the cool blues and bright whites. Soft linens and textured fabrics give the space a feeling of comfort, which is why I love this style so much." For more about the This Old House 2020 Idea Home, visit their website.

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