Ceiling Fans: New Styles for Welcoming Spaces

Ceiling fans are fast becoming a key element of a room's decor scheme: they offer comfort, a design focal point, and the convenience of Wi-Fi operation. Control is easy using a handheld remote, smart phone, tablet or voice assistant like Google Home or Alexa. Just say "Hey Google, turn the fan on high"; or set up a timed event on your smart phone or tablet.

Since ceiling fans can be used throughout the seasons, any time of year is a good time to add or replace them. This fall, we've debuted three new ceiling fans that will add style, comfort and convenience to your home.


Fresh Style Vernal comes ready to connect with your Wi-Fi or smart device while refreshing a room's decor with elegant curves and an expansive 60-inch, five-blade span for the ultimate in design-savvy comfort. Vernal has an economical DC motor and a choice of three finish options — Woodgrain with Architectural Bronze accents, Painted Nickel, and Matte Black —plus, it is packed with style to complement a range of interiors, from traditional to modern.


Smart Control The 52-inch Ryne fan is modern in appeal, with beautifully flowing blades that join in the middle to create a minimalistic housing and an aerodynamic design. Ryne is WiFi compatible and offers the latest in control technology: it pairs with our P2673-01 Wi-Fi module so that you'll be able to control it easily with a hand-held remote, smartphone and tablet. Or use a voice assistant (Amazon Alexa and Google Home) via the Smart By Bond app or others like SmartThings, Control4, ELAN, and Hubitat. Ryne has an economical DC motor and three finish options: Woodgrain with Architectural Bronze accents, Matte White, and a Matte Black that perfectly suit many interior decor styles.


Best-Seller Bliss Our best-selling Braden hugger fan is now offered in a new smaller, 44" size. Braden's clean lines and classic, sleek design is a customer favorite. With its simple and elegant look and three finish choices of Brushed Nickel, Matte White and Matte Black, Braden complements most decor schemes and is ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, or wherever else a smaller scale fan is desired. And, you can add a P2667-31 Wi-Fi Remote Control to this fan to convert it to WiFi.

All three fans —Ryne, Vernal and Braden — are lit by an 18W dimmable LED module that offers warm, 3000K illumination and a great color rendering index of 90CRI; plus, each comes with a remote control with battery.

Year-Round Comfort Yes, it's true: fans are made to be used all year to make you more comfortable. Contrary to popular belief, ceiling fans do not cool a room. Instead, it cools the occupants of a space by creating a breeze that cools your body. As the weather chills, use your ceiling fan to keep you warmer by reversing your ceiling fan motor so that it runs clockwise. This gently circulates warm air trapped near the ceiling downward.

We have beautiful and functional ceiling fan styles and selections for indoor and outdoor spaces. Explore fans here.

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