Find new space for connectivity with new HDPJ high density panels

High density jack panels feature a flexible, modular 1/2 rack unit design with 24 ports providing more connectivity anywhere space is at a premium.

HDPJ high density panels

Rack space is at a premium in today’s expanding network applications. Whether the application is a single rack in a communications closet or a large, dedicated data center, jack panels supporting higher densities offer you more connectivity.

New HDPJ series high density panels, recently introduced by Hubbell Premise Wiring, feature a flexible, modular 1/2 rack unit design with 24 ports. With double the ports available in the space of a standard panel, it provides more connectivity with better service access.

Efficient utilization for future growth

The unloaded design of the HDPJ panel delivers efficient rack and cabinet utilization. It allows IT infrastructure installers to mix categories, colors, services, and media at the panel level, creating custom port density solutions. Multiple panels can be stacked to add port counts that grow with future network demands.


HDPJ series panels accept all standard Hubbell keystone jacks and snap-fits, allowing designers to custom tailor solutions to project requirements. Rear cable management bars are included to provide enhanced strain relief and ANEXT management, with the simplicity of single part ordering.


Three models of unloaded high-density panels are available. Standard flat half-height and shielded flat half-height panels offer all the HDPJ benefits. An angled option saves even more space by eliminating the need for horizontal cable managers.


Our new design also simplifies identification of ports. The front face features space for standard ¼” adhesive label tape, making clear identification easy.




Hubbell Premise Wiring solutions are field proven to exceed design and availability criteria for scalable data center infrastructure. Our team of experts align with your business requirements to provide products that maximize your uptime, safety, security, and energy efficiency. Our new high density unloaded panels deliver extra room in your existing space, exactly when you need it.


Discover how Hubbell HDPJ high density jack panels can help you meet the demands of your data center. Contact your Hubbell sales representative or visit our website to learn more.

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