MPTL Coupler Provides Bootless Plug for Direct-Attach Application

Introducing the new MPTL assembly with Cobra-Lock termination from Hubbell Premise Wiring. Our latest innovation makes direct-attach installations quick, secure, and reliable.

New Modular Plug Terminated Link Features Cobra-Lock Termination

Traditionally, a horizontal run terminates in an jack. Then devices can be plugged into the network through it. However, that required a patch cord. Modular plug terminated links or MPTLs make terminating devices easier.


MPTLs are relatively new in the IP marketplace. A quick general description is a Cat6 or 6A Ethernet cable terminated to a jack on one end and a plug on the other. This is ideal for mounted network devices like access points and IP cameras. 


MPTL runs are ideal for:

  • AV over IP
  • Security cameras
  • Access points (APs)
  • Locks and access control
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) lighting
  • Building automation systems


With all these systems now connecting to a single IT network, the robustness of the network becomes as critical as the bandwidth. The new modular plug terminated link (MPTL) assembly with Cobra-Lock™ termination technology from Hubbell Premise Wiring make direct-attach installations quick, secure, and reliable. It provides a one SKU solution. 


MPTLs Growing Role

MPTL cabling simplifies above-ceiling, or plenum, installations. It can also be used for directly piped outdoor devices. Custom length cables can connect the end device directly to the network. Installers in the security industry began to directly link devices. Initially, there were no standards for testing this cabling topology. The TIA recognized MPTL cabling in 2018 and set field-testing procedures and limits. Testing MPTL runs must comply with the procedures outlined in Annex C and D of TIA-568.2-D.


Since then, the practice is growing in popularity.


Applications that make the case for patch cords still predominate, but MPTL is more effective for those situations that call for direct-attach devices. The question is making sure it’s done correctly. These network services are similar to permanent links. The concept is simple but testing correctly can make the difference for successful installations, which is why the market is growing after the testing method was approved.


For direct-attach applications, make sure the horizontal run stays within 90 meters. The plug needs to be rated for the specification. Tester manufacturers are now offering equipment capable of testing MPTLs, to properly certify the network.


Easy, Repeatable Termination

MPTL links are more efficient with materials for horizontal runs with direct-attach devices. No need for an outlet or plate at the end, along with the extra required patch cord. Eliminating the patch cord in these applications also makes it more secure.


MPTL with the Cobra-Lock Advantage

Then there is the issue of space. Field termination plugs are normally big and bulky. The low profile bootless plug included with Hubbell’s new MPTL makes this topology ideal for use in applications with less room. The Cobra-Lock technology enables this smaller form factor and allows installers to quickly terminate or re-terminate and ensure integrity without special tools.


Hubbell’s compact new plenum rated MPTL coupler assembly provides Category 6A shielded performance for full backward compatibility to Cat6 and unshielded applications. It is verified to Cat6A MPTL limits. A non-terminated version option is available for extending horizontal runs. The coupler and assembly includes unique mounting clip that allows it to secure anywhere.


See it to Believe it

Find out more about MPTL assemblies with Cobra-Lock termination technology from Hubbell Premise Wiring. Call your local Hubbell sales representative or distributor to see it in person. Or visit



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