Achieve Maximum Connection Density with Hubbell LGX Max Cassettes

Increased density in data center applications is key in achieving maximum productivity. Learn about two new cassette designs from Hubbell Premise Wiring.

In data center applications, increased density is golden. If you can fit significantly more connections into the same space, you gain productivity, which equals money.


Two new LGX Max™ series cassette designs from Hubbell Premise Wiring utilize the latest compact duplex connector technology to provide high density with easy access. The CS and SN style modules fit industry standard LGX format racks and enclosures while providing compatibility with CS systems.


These convenient new products provide options for either immediate expansion in existing builds or maximum density in new builds. Plus, they offer features to manage all that extra capacity. Find more information about LGX Max cassettes here. 


50% Greater Density

New CS series connector cassettes provide 36 fiber ports in a single LGX cassette for 50% greater density than standard cassettes. The design makes use of the compact CS duplex connector design. These connectors feature an easy-to-access pull tab for quick disconnects. The 36 port CS cassette design features 3 standard MPO connections of the rear of the cassette.


Take “Max” to the Max

The new SN series cassettes provide 72 fiber ports in a single LGX cassette for ultra-high density. SN duplex connectors feature a semi-rigid reinforced boot to provide quick “push to install, pull to disconnect” access. The 72 port SN cassettes include 6 standard MPO connections of the rear of the cassette.


Unlike proprietary systems, the LGX Max fiber cassette design maximizes compatibility with existing enclosure equipment, to make the extra capacity manageable. It provides high density in standard Hubbell enclosures to maximize data center space. The new design also makes it easy to add features in the future.


These new CS and SN duplex connector interfaces simplify network designs while improving switch equipment and patch panel density. Plenum-rated patch cords are available in 1 to 5 meter lengths. LGX Max products are GR-326 compliant and use proven LC ferrule technology.


New LGX Max cassettes are part of the FIBERHUBB™ total data center solution to improve productivity and save money. The product line includes high quality enclosures, cables, connectivity, patch cords, fiber panels, and more.


Have questions? We’re here to help. To learn more about new LGX Max CS and SN series cassettes from Hubbell Premise Wiring, contact your Hubbell sales representative. Our experts can provide additional details on how the LGX Max series benefit your data center solution.

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