Meet the Team | Summer Interns Zaid & Edd

Zaid and Edd are with us as part of the Hubbell Internship scheme, read below to find out about their experiences.


Tell me a bit about yourself

Zaid: I’m originally from Southern India and I came to England in 2016 to study Mechanical Engineering at the University of Manchester. I’m a cricket fan, I enjoy watching test matches and the IPL. My favourite kinds of music are Dubstep and Dance.

Edd: I was born in Stockport and have lived in the area most of my life. I’m currently an undergraduate student at the University of Leeds studying Economics. I’m a massive sports fan and I love watching and playing most sports. My favourite sport is rugby, I’m a huge Sale Sharks supporter and I play most weekends for a team in Leeds. Rugby has been a massive part of my life and has even taken me across the world to places like South Africa.

What do you do on a day to day basis at Hawke/Hubbell?

Zaid: I mostly work with CAD (Computer-Aided-Designing), so I do a lot of design work. I also take design measurements for products and work on technical drawings. As well as that there is some hands on work for example sometimes I operate drilling machines.

Edd: My work is really varied which is something that immediately appealed to me about the internship. I do some analytical/technical things like; evaluating SEO specifications, analysing website traffic and working on digital PPC campaigns. The technical aspects are mixed with creative tasks. For example I write and design blog posts, create social media content, design email campaigns and do general web design. I also contribute to new product launches and strategies, along with many other things.

Have you had many opportunities to network?

Zaid: Yes, I’ve networked with lots of employees at Hawke especially in the technical and engineering departments. They have always been happy to help me for example I’ve been taught to use new machinery and software. Everyone in the company is always open for a chat and wants to get to know you.

Edd: Absolutely, I’ve got to know many people throughout the business, not just in marketing. For example I’ve had meetings with external sales, engineering and technical employees. I’ve also had the opportunity to go up to the office in Glasgow and meet some of the employees there and have at least one conference call a week with our US sister company, Killark. I’ve even had the chance to meet distributors, suppliers and competitors through various meetings and I often work with our team in India so I really feel like I’ve met a broad range of people.

How much responsibility have you been given on your internship?

Zaid: My work is well structured which works very well for me. I have pretty much complete freedom when it comes to designs (apart from the obvious size constraints) so I really feel like I’m making a personal contribution as I make them.

Edd: I would say I’ve been given a lot. I’m encouraged to push forward what I want to do and explore new channels that I think will be effective, I’m trusted to come up with my own content and create my own marketing campaigns. Everybody is really flexible here and they work to each other’s strengths. I feel like I’m very well supported here and it’s great to see the impact my campaigns have when they’re released.

What skills do you think you've developed whilst you've been at Hawke/Hubbell?

Zaid: I’ve definitely developed my CAD skills, I’ve learnt how to use multiple engineering software programmes which I had never used before coming to Hawke. I’ve also learnt general engineering skills like how to operate different machines and make accurate measurements for various devices. I also think the internship has allowed me to get a really good experience of what it’s like to work in an office environment.

Edd: I’ve been doing a lot of analytics so I’m constantly progressing in that area. I also think I’ve improved my creativity and writing skills as it was something I hadn’t done a lot of since leaving school so it’s been a good challenge.

Do you think these skills will help you with your degree studies?

Zaid: Yes absolutely, as part of my degree I have design modules where I have to use engineering software so the skills that I’m learning are directly transferable, I think I’ll be in a great position going into 3rd year.

Edd: Definitely, you can apply nearly anything to economics so pretty much everything I have done will help me. I think the analytics and ROI evaluation has significant relevance to the more numerical side of my degree so I will be able to bring back knowledge from that, but the creative side also links well with behavioural economics.

What's your favourite thing about working for Hubbell?

Zaid: I like the cheerful environment here, it’s not too strict or intimidating, everyone works hard but there’s still a really inviting atmosphere. There are no limits to creativity so I can innovate and come up with new ideas all the time.

Edd: The people. I get on really well with everyone that I work with which is a massive bonus. When you enjoy your work and are surrounded by nice people it doesn’t feel like ‘work’. Everyone is always up for a laugh which helps create the inviting atmosphere that Zaid mentioned.

What would you recommend to someone considering applying for a Hubbell internship?

Zaid: From an engineering perspective I’d say having some knowledge of 3D modelling really helps. You don’t need to be an expert by any means but I would say to be proactive and try to increase your skills and experience whenever you get the opportunity.

Edd: In terms of marketing I would say that you don’t need to have the perfect CV with years of experience. I think it’s more important to show that you’ve got a good attitude and are willing to learn. If you’re an ambitious person who wants to develop new skills then a Hubbell internship would be perfect.

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