Introducing the Fibre Ex Range | Fibre Optic Connectors for Ex Environments

Hawke are proud to launch their new range of Fibre Optic Connectors for Ex environments. Discover more in our Q&A with product expert, Matt Ogden.

Q. Why has Hawke decided to launch the FibreEx Connector?

A. The speed, EMI resistance and durable nature of Fibre Cabling make it ideal for communication and sensing applications in hazardous. However, it’s taken time to understand how this technology could be safely installed using existing Ex protection concepts.

A change in the standard IEC60079-28 for optical radiation in hazardous areas in 2015 provided us with the opportunity to create connectors that followed an Exe protection concept rather than the Exd housing stated in the earlier version of the standard (2006).

Q. Why would this be beneficial?

A. Exe products are more compact, weigh less and can be inspected easily. This makes the installation and maintenance process a great deal easier for our customers. In this case, it allows them to install fibre optic cabling quickly and safely.

Q. Can you tell me a bit more about the safety aspect of this product?

A. Because fibre cabling is so durable and poses such a low spark hazard, the Industry has commonly believed that by using fibre in Hazardous Areas you’re playing it safe. You’re not. Fibre actually poses a serious ignition risk in Ex applications.

Q. What other features can you tell me about?

A. Like all Hawke Connectors, the multi-core Fibre Ex offers an alternative to complicated hard-wiring methods which allows users to safely make and break fibre cables with minimal downtime. Our 4 start ACME thread allows for fast and simple installation, we’ve used M29504 series pin and socket termini to reduce insertion (signal) loss in some of the world’s most arduous environments. To find out more head to our product page or download the Fibre Ex catalogue from our dedicated landing page.

Q. Can the Fibre Ex be used outside of Ex applications?

A. Absolutely! The tough design of these products combined with their increased protection capabilities means they’d be ideal in harsh environments. Fibre technology can actually be very delicate when exposed to the elements. Our connector offers increased ingress and impact protection to keep your system safe and up and running even in the harshest weather conditions.

Q. What sort of growth do you see in this industry sector?

A. We’ve already seen fibre take off in the commercial sector over the past 10 years and, now that the standards are in place to implement this technology safely, I have no doubt that our industry will follow very quickly. In fact, we’ve actually seen an increase in enquiries for this type of product over the past few years which demonstrates that the demand is already there – and now have the product!

Q. What about if I have a bespoke design?

A. Bespoke designs are what we do here at Hawke! If you’d like to discuss how we can create a unique product to fit your needs then just pick up the phone and talk to us!

Q. What other services do you provide?

A. We’ve teamed up with one of the most prominent Fibre Termination services in the world, Acal BFi. Acal will provide a customer cable jumper termination service with our FibreEx connectors, so that you can install FibreEx without the need for costly termination engineers.

Q. Are there plans to expand the range?

A. Yes. We have Steel and Plastic Enclosure which will be available very soon.

Q. How do I find out more?

A.You can head to our dedicated landing page for more. Or, if you want to talk about the products in more detail, just email, call +44(0)7803243235 or message me on LinkedIn.


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