Harnessing Lightning Fast Technology Safely Fibre Technology for Ex Environments

Fibre technology has been used by consumers and businesses for years but the gap between the technology and hazardous areas has been something of a gulf, until now.

The growing demand for Fibre Optics

In an increasingly digital age where computers are capable of more than we could previously imagine, one trend has become clear. Businesses and consumers now need to process more data than ever before - at lightning speeds. For over 20 years, fibre optic technology has catered for this need - providing lighting fast communication and data transfer for everyday applications. The reasons for Fibre’s dominance in everyday life are abundant; unlike its predecessor, copper, it’s light, EMI resistant and can transfer data at (almost) the speed of light.

However, there’s one Industry where the power of this technology hasn’t been harnessed to its full potential. Fibre is ideal for communication and sensing applications in hazardous areas, but it has taken time to truly understand how this technology could be safely integrated utilising existing protection concepts.

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