The Evolution X is the latest in Chalmit’s revolutionary X Series of LED luminaires.

Meet the Evolution X, the latest in Chalmit’s revolutionary X Series of hazardous area LED luminaires. Check out our blog to learn more from our experts.

The Evolution X is the latest in Chalmit’s revolutionary X Series of LED luminaires.

We speak to the lead design Engineer, Ivon Dachlan, to find how she brought this brand new fitting to life.

Q. Hello Ivon, firstly, tell me a bit about your background, qualifications and your time with Hubbell?

I have an engineering degree and have been design engineer throughout my career. Before joining Hubbell, my background was in plastics injection molding, continuous steel casting, construction scaffolding and formwork.

I’ve been with Hubbell for over 13 years now, working in development and design. The work is interesting as it encompasses all aspects of the design engineering process, from the original concepts through to manufacture of the luminaire. There’s always a lot to know, and learn. Always new developments coming along to keep up to date with.

Q. Did customer feedback influence the design process?

At Chalmit, when we are designing a new product, our customers and their needs are always at the forefront of our innovations. The design of the Evolution X was based on the extensive customer research we conducted and the feedback they gave us.

Q. What were your main design considerations?

The three key design features I set out to include were:

  • Reduced installation and access time
  • High photometric performance
  • Long lifetime


Q. Do you have a favorite feature?

The Evolution X luminaire can easily be converted to a remote installation setup. That’s got to be my favorite feature! There’s the option available to use a remote gearbox with flying lead which makes maintenance really easy and saves time!

Q. Just for fun – where would we find you on a typical Saturday morning?

I’m going to be totally honest here: I’d probably still be sleeping!

Thank you Ivon, it was so interesting to meet the design engineer behind the latest product in the Chalmit X Series of LED luminaires, the Evolution X.

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