Meet the Team | Summer Intern Nick

Nick is with us as part of the Hubbell internship scheme, read our blog to find out about his experiences with us.

Q. Tell me a bit about yourself

A. I am currently in my third year of studying Electrical, Electronic and Mechatronics Engineering at university. I recently took part in an Innovation challenge through university and won. As a prize I spent a week long exchange in the Netherlands and Portugal. Having completed a university course in Business studies, I also have a keen commercial awareness. Adding this to my passion for engineering I am looking for opportunities to combine the two disciplines.

Q. What do you do on a day to day basis at Chalmit?

A. In a nutshell, I am working on optimising one of the photometric tests we run here in Glasgow. For my internship project I am building a motorised tripod with a 0.01 degree precision of movement. To complete this I am doing various tasks through my working day including CAD design and programming.

Q. Have you had many opportunities to network?

A. Yes, many. My project has enabled me to network and collaborate with a variety of people and job roles at Hubbell Scotland. The Virtual Executives Series has given me a chance to connect with senior management at Hubbell. On top of this, I have completed training where I met other professionals from the industry and I am currently planning a trip to one of our other brand sites.

Q. How much responsibility have you been given on your internship?

A. The running of my project is completely my own. I planned, executed and evaluated it with mentoring from the senior engineers. I get the right amount of guidance from colleagues whilst still being able to implement my own ideas into the designing and building of my project.

Q. What skills do you think you've developed whilst you've been at Chalmit?

A. My experience at Chalmit has definitely developed my engineering thinking. Although university is very practical and hands on, working in a company and in the actual lab with the engineers has helped me to think more like an engineer. I think I have gained many valuable skills here that I wouldn’t have necessarily acquired just from university.

Q. Do you think these skills will help you with your degree studies?

A. Unquestionably! Although I have always had an interest in engineering, doing my own projects, this internship has really developed my skills to new levels. I will definitely be able to transfer these new skills to my degree studies.

Q. What's your favourite thing about working for Chalmit?

A. My favourite thing about working at Chalmit was experiencing the research equipment they have here like the goniophotometer. Using real, functional equipment in the way a qualified engineer would is amazing. I also really appreciate the amount of training that I have received whilst at Chalmit, I think it has been very beneficial for me.

Q. What would you recommend to someone considering applying for a Hubbell internship?

A. Just do it! Hubbell is a massive and influential company that has been trading for over a century and has so much to offer. You will learn from engineers with masses of experience and there is a great company culture. The summer internship program itself is very organised, and I have gained lots of knowledge that I know I will use throughout my career, no matter what the job role. Hubbell is a fantastic place to do an internship – you will never have a dull moment!


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