USB-C Power Delivery Receptacles

Not just the next best thing, but the next big thing! Users can charge laptops and devices faster with Hubbell’s new high-power USB receptacles—up to 55W!

Every few years, it seems a new charging port takes the world by storm. Users of certain products are forced to change their arsenal of chargers. Each charger adds more features than the last, so these jumps in technology make it difficult for average consumers to keep track of which chargers belong to which devices.


The problem is compounded when different companies use different chargers. It also adds weight to those consumers who need power on the go, since most phones and laptops need different cords.


Hubbell offers a complete line of receptacles with USB charging port options. These include the original Type A as well as the newer Type C, compatible with the latest charging standards for mobile devices.


Seamless interchangeability: stop carrying multiple cords

With new technology such as USB-C Power Delivery (PD), these questions and problems are being laid to rest. The new ports are more reliable and allow for faster charging. Plus, they provide seamless interchangeability between brands. No longer do people have to carry around multiple cords—instead, there can be one to rule them all.


A big selling point for chargers today is their speed and reliability. Chargers with Power Delivery technology are not only the most reliable on the market, but they also allow all devices to charge faster than previously thought capable. “USB-PD can charge smartphones/tablets up to 70% faster than a standard USB charger that only offers 5 watts of power.” (, 2023)


For example, consider the new iPhone 15. Its battery can reach 50% charge in only 30 minutes, compared to the iPhone 14 which takes 2 hours and 18 minutes to fully charge. (According to, 6 April 2023.) Faster charging means the average consumer doesn’t have to worry about spending their time connected to an outlet.


GaN technology optimizes Power Delivery 

The components inside the device change with this new technology. Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology plays a crucial role, replacing older silicon-based circuitry. GaN revolutionizes the charging industry by enabling smaller, lighter, and more efficient power electronics.


GaN offers a wider bandgap than silicon carbide, allowing greater electron mobility. It allows us to create power semiconductors that operate at higher frequencies. In other words, GaN components sustain higher voltage and reduce energy losses, resulting in faster charging times and less heat. (, 22 January 2020)


Not all manufacturers use GaN for their devices. This technology gives Hubbell’s new USB-C PD devices a performance edge.


Power Delivery longevity and future-proofing 

Compatibility between devices is a factor not commonly thought about until recently. Charger interchangeability between cellphones and laptops used to be almost non-existent. There were two main reasons. First, laptops require more power to charge than standard phones. Secondly, companies wanted their own chargers.


With the introduction of Power Delivery, the ability to charge all your devices using the same cord becomes standard. The era of packing three different cords to charge all your devices is coming to an end.


Technology is advancing in massive ways, so it’s important to keep yourself informed on reliable and innovative developments. Understanding the longevity of USB-C is also important. Therefore, it’s helpful to understand how it relates to older technology.


The original USB-A format was first released in the late 1990s. It set the standard for a variety of devices. Over the years, it was finely tuned. The later USB-C standard with reversible plug was introduced in 2014 and gained popularity before 2020. This gives us an idea of how long this new Power Delivery system can last.


Faster, more reliable charging from Hubbell 

Our latest USB charging receptacles design offers up to 55W of output power from the USB-C port marked PD for Power Delivery. Thanks to optimized GaN technology, Hubbell engineers can fit all this power safely into the same size as existing devices.


That much power can quickly charge laptops, eliminating the need for computer charging bricks. Phones and tablets can charge three to four times faster. Each Hubbell USB-C PD receptacle also features an additional Type C or Type A port delivering up to 1.5A/5V. It supports the USB BC 1.2 standard.


The 125 VAC duplex receptacles are offered in 15A or 20A models. These new models feature the same durable construction, patented tamper-resistant technology, and stainless-steel USB ports that users expect from Hubbell, providing years of reliable connections.



The ability to quickly charge all your devices, including laptops, tablets, and phones, with a single streamlined cable provides a better user experience. Worrying about whether you have the correct cable for your specific brand or device can fade into memory.


Our new Hubbell high-power USB receptacles offer no-compromise performance perfect for specification in hospitals, universities, hotels, or other commercial applications. Find out more on our site.


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