Top 10 Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Product Solutions for Installation Efficiency

Space-design, job-site challenges, and wiring systems are constantly changing. We can help make the most of the newest innovations so you can focus on successfully completing more projects in less time.

From new construction and renovations to industrial, commercial, medical or residential structures, we manufacture quality systems that reduce installation time and support the latest design aesthetics. We also partner with several companies to make specifying, installing and using Hubbell products easy, and efficient. Below are our top 10 featured product solutions for increasing installation efficiency.


snapSNAPConnect® Devices
SNAPConnect® is the ideal solution for larger projects with the potential for future change outs. From new construction and renovation to demanding locations, SNAPConnect’s modular design eliminates exposed live parts and replaces pigtails, which ensures consistent, safe and reliable connections during rough-in installation. Once walls are up, the protective covering is removed and the connector is simply snapped into the device. Going forward, the modular design supports simple device change out by maintenance personnel.

  • Eliminates device wiring at trim out, allowing journeymen to focus on more critical tasks
  • Ability to energize and test circuits at rough-in and resolve issues during less critical project stages
  • Widest breadth of modular devices on the market


fb-1Hubbell SystemOne Recessed Floor Boxes
Hubbell SystemOne creates a common look for fire-rated poke-throughs and floor boxes. This innovative system allows you to create custom solutions for multi-service applications that require both in-floor boxes and fire-rated poke-throughs. Regardless of capacity or installation, Hubbell SystemOne provides a uniform look throughout an entire building—whether the power, data, and AV are being delivered in the floor or through the floor

  • Fully adjustable floor boxes solve pre- and post-pour adjustment challenges
  • Data and AV open system mounting plates satisfy customer requirements
  • Same round cover design offer synergy between floor box and FRPT installations


frptHubbell SystemOne Fire-Rated Poke-Throughs
Hubbell SystemOne Recessed Fire-Rated Poke-Throughs (FRPT) enhance functionality by providing increased power, data and AV capacity. Our 4", 6", 8" and 10" product offering will meet every requirement for today's applications and for future expansion. Pre-wired receptacles save time on the job-site when it really counts. The premarked controlled receptacles offer compliance to energy efficiency codes and standards. The open system data/AV sub-plates eliminate special adapters.

  • Universal round recessed cover design and six finishes
  • Excellent solution for retrofit and new construction
  • Meets low voltage requirements for high capacity multimedia applications
  • "Step down" allows wiring, installation and removal from the floor above
  • ADA compliant


pwdConfigurable & Pre-Wired Devices
Hubbell’s most popular 15 and 20 Amp standard receptacles are ready to meet your service, installation and design specifications. Ordered as a Hubbell Receptacle Special, our Duplex and Style Line® Decorator, Tamper-Resistant, Hospital Grade and SNAPConnect® are made to spec and modified to speed installation. All orders arrive in bulk packaging ready to install out of the box.

Common modifications include:

  • Ear or bridge removal
  • Mounting screws and autoground removal
  • Wire leads
  • Push-in connectors, ring or fork terminals


prefabPrefabricated Solutions
Hubbell’s Rough-in Ready® System of prefabricated electrical support products is ideal for projects requiring repetitive wiring installation. All pre-fabricated assemblies and cables are labeled to match a detailed layout drawing. Any electrical project will profit from a Rough-in Ready® system, but projects with many similar rooms provide the biggest benefit to the installer.

  • Residential: Apartments, Military and Campus Housing, Condominiums
  • Hospitality: Hotels, Motels, Casino Resorts, Conference Centers
  • Healthcare: Hospitals, Healthcare Facilities, Assisted Living


racewayPre-Wired Raceway
Facility use has changed, and increased power and data requirements must keep pace with new demands. Hubbell Pre-Wired Raceway Systems accommodate changing requirements while keeping fast track projects on schedule. Our Application Engineers are your partner, completing the take off and providing quotes, preparing layout drawings and shipping products. Available in aluminum, steel and nonmetallic, factory pre-cut and pre-wired lengths of raceway arrive ready for installation with all device cover plates, end caps, elbows and other required fittings. And, since aluminum raceway covers and cover plates are cut from the same extrusion, aesthetics are guaranteed.

  • Handling and installation time reduces labor costs by up to 45%
  • Issue one purchase order for a complete raceway system
  • SNAPConnect® devices may be used for future proofing the installation


ductWall/Trench & Underfloor Duct
Hubbell offers a comprehensive offering of steel and aluminum duct products. Wall and trench duct is heavily utilized in the healthcare industry. Underfloor duct is ideal for hotel, retail, casino, and convention center applications. Hubbell’s ability to design customized products for challenging projects can be an important resource for contractors and end users looking for the right product to meet demanding applications. Duct is available in a wide variety of widths, depths, and styles


basketWire Basket Tray
Hubbell Wire Basket Tray Systems are flexible and customized solutions that support a range of overhead and raised floor cable management applications. Two of our time- and material-saving options include Preformed fittings and No-Splice supports. Available in multiple sizes, Hubbell Pre-Formed Fittings reduce material costs and offer time savings over traditional cutting and splicing. No-Splice supports reduce material costs and ensure the tray’s bottom rails are locked together

  • Preformed fittings reduce labor and installation by 90% versus traditional cutting and splicing
  • T-weld construction eliminates possible snags when pulling wire
  • Easy to cut, bend and splice for customization and field fabricatiom


pre-wired-fbPre-Wired Access Floor Box System
Custom engineered and wired to project specifications, the Hubbell CONNEXION 2.0 Zone Distribution System is a factory assembled, modular plug-n-play system for raised floor installations. The Zone Distribution Box (ZDB) in conjunction with multi-conductor extender cables, splitters, and point of service units create a flexible, easy to use, 20 amp modular wiring system. CONNEXION 2.0 also includes a furniture feed distribution box that delivers power, voice and data to powered furniture at the floor level for a clean, aesthetically pleasing installation.


sensorAdaptive Technology Occupancy Sensors
Adaptive Technology is Hubbell’s patented breakthrough in advanced controls that eliminates manual adjustment. Available on the majority of our occupancy/vacancy low voltage and switch sensors, smart microprocessors constantly monitor the controlled area and adjust the sensitivity and timer based on environmental history and automatically adjust for seasonal changes, modified airflow, furniture layout or occupancy pattern changes. No initial configuration is required, making this an “install and forget” solution.

  • Lower energy costs and utility bills
  • No need to manually adjust for occupancy changes
  • Install and forget installation


Ready to increase installation efficiency with quality products? We’re here to help. Visit our website to utilize our installation efficiency etour, product guide, specification design center, submittal builder, drawing library, and more applicable resources.

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