The world’s biggest selection of safety- and productivity-enhancing wire management products is getting bigger and bigger

Optimize safety with broad line of wire & cable management products: Strain relief grips. Support grips. Cord connectors. More. Custom solutions too.

Wire, cable, hoses and related products form a major part of our industrial infrastructure, maintaining the vital flow of power, communications, fluids and more, and helping keep production humming along smoothly in operations around the world.

And while the general public might not realize it, contractors, designers and other industrial stakeholders certainly do—keeping those wire and cable products themselves humming along and doing their job smoothly, safely and productively are an entire class of support products. Strain relief grips that keep cables free from damage and failure due to the constant threat of flexing, bending, twisting and vibration in use. Support grips that keep cables from tearing or separating under their own weight or when being aggressively pulled in installation and operation. Cord connectors that safeguard the vulnerable interfaces where cables enter panels and equipment. Hose containment grips that suppress the dangerous whipping action of a snapped high pressure hose. And more. A lot more.

A wide and deep range of products for safer wire and cable usage…

As the provider of the broadest selection of wire and cable management products—that is, providing BOTH more types of protection AND more sizes and variations within each style—Hubbell Kellems hears it again and again from customers: when contractors are planning out the multitude of cabling and wiring products needed for a new or retrofit installation and specifying all of the support products that go along with them, it is very convenient to send the list to one place and get it all taken care of at once.

That breadth of wire management products has been something that Hubbell Kellems has been known for for more than a century. And, another thing the company has been known for—if there is a specific size or esoteric configuration that a customer needs in quantity, odds are, Hubbell can make it for them custom. And, do so with the same high level of safety, security, reliability and quality as any product in the catalog.

Hubbell-Kellems is frequently developing and customizing new parts for new applications to help our customers meet all of their wire management needs, so customers can get everything they need, and get it from one single trusted source.

A few examples come to mind. We had a waste management industry customer that was having issues with corrosion eating away at their metal cable protection products—even stainless!—due to the harsh gases that relentlessly surrounded them. They could only get a few months usage out of anything they tried, which potentially put safety at risk onsite. So we developed plastic-coated Kevlar® versions of some products for them to plug into their operation—and these innovative wire management products have been standing up to their corrosive environments for years and years.

We had a military client that had to get away from metal for another reason entirely—reflective surfaces, it turned out, were a security risk. So we developed a specialty plastic coating that maintained the rugged strength of heavy metal with zero gleam and glint—just continued high performance.

And data center clients? As they work harder and harder to pack more and more equipment into the same space, we are helping them develop solutions that protect the resulting increase in cabling. That means developing new sizes and styles of bushings or “gotcha rings” to accommodate different sizes and groupings of cables.

Of course, not all line expansions are quite this dramatic. Indeed, with wide-spread trends in industry for smaller and smaller fiber optics AND larger and larger cabling for larger and larger installations, requests for making an existing product just a little bit bigger or a little bit smaller are quite common too. We are always glad to consider tweaking products in this way to help out our clients and help them achieve optimum safety and productivity in every operation.

…and available to you with a phone call

The point is, as wide as Hubbell’s wire management line appears to be, it is actually even wider—in a sense, nearly limitless. You can get any of these custom designed products. Some have ended up in our catalog. Others are products that we have developed for customers that might seem too “niche” for wider dissemination—but just might be waiting here for you if you have a similar need. So don’t be afraid to ask. And like I said, customized products are always a possibility too.

So download your free copy of the Kellems® Wire Management Solutions brochure today. And, as big as the listing is, remember—it’s still just a snapshot. An idea starter. If you don’t see what you need, call us. The catalog can—and constantly does—get bigger and bigger when a customer needs it to.

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