Supporting the Growing Demands of Entertainment Experiences

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems’ entertainment facility products have been a trusted, go-to solution for 'Always On , Always Reliable' products.

In athletic facilities, amusement parks, performance venues, and television studios, the entertainment experience means everything. People watch your content or attend your venue for one reason: to have fun and be entertained!

Whether viewers are cheering for their favorite team against a big rival, watching a beloved band perform live, riding one of the country’s steepest rollercoasters, or enjoying a live broadcast of a television event, one thing remains the same: These entertainment experiences can easily go awry if power goes down or a performance is interrupted.

This “always-on, always-reliable” expectation puts high demands on your wiring devices and equipment. Regardless of how unpredictable or unreliable your environment is (like a rainstorm during an outdoor concert or snow during a football game!), the show must always go on. The last thing any entertainment venue wants to worry about is performance interruptions when there are so many other things that go into presenting a flawless show.

That’s why Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems’ entertainment products have been trusted, go-to solutions for many decades: They’re high-performing, innovative, convenient, safe, and durable devices that exceed UL standards; they protect against overheating, ensure a secure connection, and seamlessly blend into the background so no one notices the plugs and connectors that keep the show running.

When you need to find wiring devices for a stadium or arena, amusement park, concert hall, or studio, it shouldn’t take all day to find what you need: solutions that can stand up to high demands without sacrificing performance.

To make the selection process easier, Hubbell created a helpful new resource: Our 2019 Entertainment Product Guide.

Available in print or online 24/7 on any device – a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop – this guide is designed to save you time. Find the solutions you need quickly so you can direct your attention to the critical details that make entertainment experiences come to life and wow audiences.

This all-in-one guide walks you through Hubbell’s entire entertainment product line, including

  • Asset monitoring
  • Hose and cable protection systems
  • Insul-Lock connectors and panel mounts
  • Pin and sleeve devices
  • Portable GFCI line cords and outlets
  • Single pole devices
  • Stage pin devices
  • Straight-blade devices and receptacles
  • Temporary power boxes
  • Twist-Lock devices
  • USB devices
  • Watertight devices
  • Wire management

It provides information about each product’s benefits and features, along with device photos and ordering information.

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