Revolutionize Electrical Safety with Hubbell's LineSafe™ Breakaway Connector

Explore Hubbell's LineSafe™ Breakaway Connector, an innovative solution enhancing electrical safety and preventing costly damage in industrial settings.

Workers in areas where trucks plug into a facility power source can relate to this scenario – the driver forgets to unplug their vehicle before pulling away, damaging the electrical service and creating a loading dock safety hazard. Situations like this occur anywhere portable devices are plugged in -- at loading docks, inside industrial facilities, on airport tarmacs, or at emergency vehicle bays.

Human nature being what it is, “d’oh!” moments like this happen, and industry insiders will admit they happen more often than you think. But an innovative engineering solution can eliminate the risk before damage occurs. The new LineSafeTM Breakaway Connector from Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems is an innovation in industrial electrical connectors and an answer to this problem. Guard against people absentmindedly moving equipment while it's still connected to the power supply. 

The LineSafe Breakaway Connector enhances user safety, prevents asset damage, and reduces costly downtime in portable cord applications. This innovative solution is the first of its kind in the industry.

The Problem: Unintended Disconnections Cause Damage and Danger

Many manufacturing and service industries use mobile equipment and portable cord applications as part of their day-to-day operations and face this issue every day.

We conducted a Voice of the Customer survey to gather information about this real-world issue. Here are some of the potential scenarios:

  • Mobile trucks connect to buildings at food, beverage, and pharma manufacturers to energize trailer refrigeration equipment. There are issues with trucks pulling away without disconnecting power.
  • Busy ambulance drivers plug into connections at hospital bays.
  • Distribution centers employ several types of moveable machinery and forklifts. Cords are often broken when the machines move without disconnecting from the power source.
  • At airports, powered equipment including deicing trucks and other tarmac vehicles need to be charged and ready for service.


Potential hazardous and costly problems include:

  • Damage to cords, mobile equipment and wall receptacles
  • Downtime resulting from the sudden halt to operations and subsequent cleanup
  • Safety hazards to personnel

Hubbell’s Innovative Solution: The LineSafe Breakaway Connector

Hubbell’s new LineSafe Breakaway Connector is the first of its kind in the industry and a pioneering solution in electrical equipment safety.

The Breakaway Connector is installed inline on the cord and maintains a strong connection for uninterrupted routine use. When electrical equipment moves unintentionally, the Breakaway Connector safely disengages to protect personnel and connected equipment. The device can then be easily re-mated without any tools.

There is no need to change your current equipment or infrastructure to enjoy the benefits of the LineSafe Breakaway Connector. They are easy to retrofit into existing installations and remain unobtrusive until you really need them. Simply splice the device onto the cord at a point of your choosing.


Benefits of Using the LineSafe Breakaway Connector

  • Enhanced safety for personnel
  • Prevention of asset damage
  • Reduction in costly downtime and maintenance
  • Ease of integration with existing systems (no need for new equipment or infrastructure changes).
  • Simple installation process for new installations or retrofits


Peace of Mind

Buying the Hubbell Breakaway Connector is buying reliability, security, and peace of mind – a simple hedge to guard against injury to personnel and costly equipment damage.


Learn more about LineSafe™ Breakaway Connectors and contact our team of experts today.

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