New Aluminum Ladder Trays from Hubbell

Hubbell now offers NEMA VE-1 rated aluminum ladder trays as part of its total solution for cable tray systems from light duty to heavy duty.

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Aluminum Ladder Trays

For years, hundreds of industrial partners have been relying on Hubbell quality for light duty telco ladders and medium duty wire basket trays. Now your Hubbell representative can help you on the heavy duty end of your wire, cable, hose and piping support needs too—with the first ever Hubbell aluminum ladder trays.

Aluminum ladder trays help protect and manage complex electrical wire and tubing/piping systems as they move over long spans, indoors or outdoors—wires that send power from a central plant to buildings around a corporate or industrial campus, for example, or pipes that supply process chemicals, gases and fluids to multiple locations around a manufacturing plant or oil platform. The trays combine high strength with light weight, and they are rust resistant, stand up to extreme temperatures and the elements, and can handle heavy loads without sagging, bending or deflecting. Even months’ worth of snow and ice sitting on them is not a problem.

Due to their rigidity, aluminum ladder trays don’t need any secondary supports, so they are very clean and convenient, installed “out of the way” overhead, up walls, on roof tops, or in neat perimeters around solar panels or servers at data centers for example. And, they are modular—sold in easily manageable 12 foot lengths—so they are endlessly configurable to any infrastructure need.

Standards vital for safety and performance

Hubbell aluminum ladder trays are UL listed and meet all the requirements of the NEMA VE-1 performance requirements, the NEC-based standard that specifies the requirements for metal cable trays and associated fittings. While, of course, no user would likely purposely purchase equipment that doesn’t meet VE-1 requirements, please note that there is a practical “part two” to the standard. NEMA VE-2 dictates the proper design, layout and installation of wire and ladder trays, so as to comply fully with NEC electrical standards as well as NFPA safe work practices.

Needless to say, once you have specified NEMA VE-1 complying equipment, be certain that it is installed by a contractor meticulously following NEMA VE-2 guidelines to ensure ongoing safe and effective performance for the long term. If you need any information or guidance on either standard, Hubbell is here to help.

A broad line of high quality cable trays at your service

Now Hubbell can help you order devices, cabling and all levels of cable trays—light, medium, and now, heavy duty—together in one bundle for maximum convenience and cost-effectiveness.

For more information on Hubbell’s line of NEMA VE-1 rated aluminum ladder trays—and other cable tray systems—contact your local Hubbell representative.

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