iDevices smart home automation products now available directly from Hubbell sales partners

An exciting suite of iDevices home automation products are now available directly from Hubbell—along with complete support to the building trades!

Residential construction and management professionals—builders, designers, architects, engineers, managers and more—can now access an exciting suite of iDevices smart home automation products directly through the very same reliable, convenient channels from which they access all their traditional electrical devices—their professional Hubbell sales partners! And, they can do so with the same level of trusted support they’ve become accustomed to over decades of mutually successful partnership. It’s everything in one place—all Hubbell wiring device products, along with all iDevices products—conveniently bundled together for our customers. We like to call it “One Hubbell.” You will too.

Helping building pros meet the latest customer needs

The iDevices offering is truly exciting and includes networkable dimmer switches, wall outlets, lighting controls, thermostats and more; all are integratable with home network concepts including Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri, and make many home functions controllable with voice commands or remotely by use of free apps on a phone or tablet. The possibilities are powerful: users can turn on the heat or lights as they approach the home, monitor and control energy usage patterns, gain more granular control of indoor appliances and outdoor security lighting, even combine functions and operations by programming “if/then” commands.

These kind of home automation capabilities are obviously in great demand by contemporary home and condo buyers and renovators, as well as by modern renters. Since these products had been sold mostly directly to the consumer, often, “onesies twosies” through online consumer internet outlets, it often fell to the consumer to learn about them, purchase them and have them retrofitted. And, with their more limited trade presence, many professionals were not in the communication loop and didn’t necessarily know what was out there, nor made aware of the full extent of the exciting and evolving technical possibilities. Now that iDevices and Hubbell wiring products are bundled together—and sales forces working together strategically for the benefit of our customers—we are able to bring these high-tech products directly to trade professionals, giving our valuable partners greater one-stop access to knowledge that can help them better serve the needs of today’s tech savvy consumers, and support them with the same professional level services and resources that they have come to expect from Hubbell. These might include consultative services, access to training and information, application ideas, sales support, and, of course, professional strength warranties and the guaranteed reliability of a 130 year old company—a far cry from what most of us experience when we order from the internet.

Further, as part of Hubbell, iDevices products are now readily available in large, reliable, even “apartment building job” quantities alongside all of the traditional “standalone” electrical infrastructure products that builders need to specify anyway for each job —such as traditional switches, receptacles, wall plates, dimmers, timers, voice/data/video hookups and more. Now professionals can get them all in the same order, with the same level of “we’ve got your back” level support that they’ve come to expect from Hubbell over decades of partnership.

HubbellHomeBrochureTo further raise awareness of this exciting combination, we are revamping and expanded our residential catalog (coming soon) and created a new brochure, both pieces further describing the possibilities and opportunities in visual detail.

Ongoing product innovations

Overall, the iDevices integration continues and accelerates the trend of Hubbell’s keeping on the cutting edge of evolving product technologies and working with the trades to help them offer an even broader suite of products that appeal to the modern contemporary homeowner—so that they in turn can keep their business offering on the cutting edge.

Indeed, Hubbell has been expanding its lines to help building industry professionals meet the trends of the marketplace even more effectively, with innovative products that bolster residents’ increasing desire for convenience; safety and security; and energy savings and responsibility, as well as enabling more activities from the home environment, such as work and school responsibilities. For example, Hubbell infrastructure products include innovative recessed pop-up receptacles that bring power safely and conveniently—and fashionably—to any kitchen countertop or desktop; “drop on” phone chargers; low glow bathroom and hallway night lights in great demand by “aging in place” populations, and much more.

In addition, the Hubbell relationship with Progress Lighting helps customers specify high quality, energy efficient lighting right alongside the traditional and smart infrastructure products they need, for even greater time savings and convenience.

Today’s new home builds and renovations are each a customized mix of traditional and networkable electrical products, and now professionals can present new ideas to customers and deliver a perfect solution specific and optimized for every resident, and then get all the devices needed—even dozens or hundreds—reliably and professionally delivered on every job. Talk to your Hubbell sales professional for details on how tradespeople can offer even better service to customers and create more profitable, win-win scenarios. As always, Hubbell is at your service.

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