Hubbell’s Specification Design Center makes building out your spec documents faster and easier than ever before

Building a construction spec? Check out the Hubbell Spec Design Center—an automated, one-stop, mission-specific tool that helps you get it done fast.

Think of your typical company website—most often they’re designed to provide every aspect of company information to every type of audience that might visit. They need to provide everything to everybody, and that’s efficient and valuable.

Well, that is, unless you’re an engineer, contractor or other specifier in a hurry to get their spec document packed with useful information and out the door in a timely manner. Hunting and pecking around a general website looking for the specific details and resources you need might not seem too efficient or too valuable. You want something built to be mission-specific, with tools strategically organized to give you everything you need to build your spec—and all of it front and center, all in one place.

Introducing the Hubbell Spec Design Center

Mission-specific. That’s the key purpose behind the creation of the Hubbell Specification Design Center—to provide a one-stop, everything-you-need-in-one-place electrical product resource for engineers, specifiers, design/build contractors and anyone else charged with building out the spec that will be instrumental in building out the new construction, tenant build out, renovation, design build or other project.

The Spec Design Center focuses on the key electrical product lines that specifiers need to populate their vital foundational documents, namely:

  • Floor Boxes
  • Fire-Rated Poke-Throughs
  • Wire Basket Trays
  • Raceways
  • Wall/Trench & Underfloor Ducts
  • Wiring Devices
  • Lighting Controls
  • Prefabricated Solutions

For each product, users can consolidate the resources they need to populate their spec documents, tapping into detailed catalog descriptions, product data and spec sheets, Building Information Modeling (BIM) objects, Section 26 data, product drawings in .dwg or .pdf, installation manuals and instructions, and more.

Of note, users get free, account-based access to a huge BIM model data base from Hubbell partner BIM Object and access to Section 26 specification from Hubbell partners MasterSpec and BSD SpecLink.

Once you have everything you need, it’s easy to create one comprehensive and convenient document which you can then import to your desktop where you can further refine it in your own local specification software tools.

In addition, you’ll find quick links to other tools such as training resources in each category, as well as e-tours of different building spaces that show products in place and in action in familiar virtual spaces to help get your ideas flowing. A couple of can’t miss presentations in this area include the “tED 2020 Best of the Best Winner” Hubbell 360-Degree Interactive Safety eTour, which walks users through a modern industrial environment and illustrates how and where Hubbell safety solutions can be used to promote safe workspaces; as well as 2019’s winner, the Hubbell 360-Degree Installation Efficiency eTour, an interactive tool that walks users through 10 different building environments and identifies how and where Hubbell solutions can be used to efficiently deliver power, data and AV—while also supporting fast installation too.

A work in progress to be even more effective for you

Customers told us they wanted a better, faster way to spec, and we listened. If you haven’t used the Hubbell Specification Design Center yet, we think you’ll find it to be a quantum leap forward in practical efficiency and value. And, it’s one that will get even more useful as Hubbell keeps refining it based on listening to our customers and incorporating their hands-on feedback. For example, Hubbell is about to launch a configuration tool that will help users zero in on the best product by inputting the features they are looking for. So even if you don’t know exactly what you need, you can still find it quickly, easily and effectively.

So try it out. And, whether you are an experienced user or newbie, let us know what you like, what you don’t like and what can be done better for you. The Hubbell Specification Design Center is at your service, and it will continually get even better and better based on your feedback. Let us know how it can help you be even more productive, more effective and more efficient as you build out every spec for every project. We’re here to help—not only with the highest performing, industry-leading electrical products on the market, but, we hope, with the highest performing, industry-leading way to access them too!

Check it out at:

Distributors: Tell your customers. Make it even easier for them to spec industry leading electrical products on every project!

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