Hubbell's New Outdoor Living Weatherproof Switches

Hubbell's RSD120WP series is an industry first, weatherproof switch, designed to get wet and meets 3R without a cover.

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems has unveiled another industry first: its Weatherproof Switch, to ensure built-in performance and style in any new or updated outdoor living environment. Unsightly weatherproof covers are no longer needed to protect switches from the elements. 
To ensure that it works in any weather situation, Hubbell’s Weatherproof RSD120WP series exceeds the NEMA Type 3R rating with NEC compliance for use in damp and wet locations. Protection is provided in two ways: a patented internal sealing system protects the internal switching mechanism from exposure while a bellows gasket suctions to the subplate to form a watertight seal and safeguard the contacts, spring, and other components. A snap-on wallplate provides additional protection with an aesthetically pleasing finish. The result is a device that’s meant to get wet and withstand cleaning.

Box or four-screw mounting are possible; the Weatherproof Switch can be wired for single pole or three-way applications. Available in white, light almond, and gray, the device is impact and UV resistant to stand up to bright sunlight and heavy use.

Now homeowners can have convenience and good looks.  There is no longer a need to put an unsightly flip lid cover or protruding “bubble cover” on the switch.  Designers can feel comfortable that the switch will blend with the exterior design.

“These switches are designed to get wet, with built-in weather protection that redefines the world of weatherproofing,” says Vic Flagello, marketing director for Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems. “Outdoor living is on the rise, which is leading to more switches being installed outdoors. The Weatherproof Switch is a device that offers premium performance and style.”

Launching along with the Weatherproof Switch are a NEMA Type 3R-compliant Recessed Wall Outlet Enclosure with an aesthetically pleasing flat profile and an Aluminum Die-Cast Lockable Cover made of heavy-cast, durable aluminum. When these offerings are combined with the Weatherproof Switch, contractors, installers, and homeowners now have an outstanding line of new outdoor products to use in industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

Learn more about our new weatherproof switches and outlets here: 

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