How to save time, materials, and money with electrical prefab

The commercial construction industry is moving to pre-fabrication, or prefab. It’s an opportunity to save time, materials, and money.

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Prefab solutions

The commercial construction industry is moving to pre-fabrication, or prefab. Electrical contractors are setting up their own prefab shops to pre-assemble electrical components before sending them to jobsites. It’s an opportunity to save time, materials, and money.

Trends indicate that contractors are turning to “low investment, high return” opportunities that include prefab, modularization, and creating R&D centers. These moves help prepare businesses thrive in today’s construction industry, which is seeing major changes.

The industry has become focused on technology and processes to increase productivity and reduce cost while also reducing impact on the environment. For example, studies show that over half of construction firms now utilize building information modeling (BIM). While most contractors agree BIM is the future, they also think it isn’t adequately standardized. And over the last three years, more than half of contractors have registered projects with US Green Building Council (GBC) and the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program.

Finding new ways to cut costs and improve productivity results in new processes and solutions. Prefab reduces labor costs on the jobsite. Products that install faster also become increasingly important.

Opportunities for contractors

Prefab provides a competitive advantage for contractors in this kind of environment. Contractors with in-house shops are ordering electrical products in bulk, which can be assembled in controlled conditions. Along with ensuring quality assembly, it saves time at the jobsite, reducing labor costs for both rough-in and trim-out stages of a project. It also reduces jobsite packaging waste, scrap, and theft.

It’s not that hard to break into prefab. You can start with a workbench and basic tools in the shop, along with components shipped to your shop. Hubbell Wiring-Device Kellems now provides a single source solution for contractors:

  • Electrical boxes
  • Connectorized devices (receptacles and switches)
  • Mounting brackets
  • Cable management
  • Mud rings

Offering one source for all the components is a unique benefit for prefab shops by streamlining the process and eliminating errors when ordering. See our Electrical Pre-Fabrication Solutions guide here.

Innovative products enhance the process

Additionally, our line offers time-saving innovations that enhance the value of prefab.

Our STAB-iT® boxes include unique built-in connectors for terminating MC cable in just one third the time of using traditional cable clamps. Adjustable mud rings and hinged mud rings perfect for prefab applications. And our SnapConnect® connectors and receptacles save time installing and wiring.

Electrical contractors experience increased productivity and lower overall material costs, while reducing jobsite waste and cleanup for both stages of the electrical work on a project. All while ensuring quality installations. We make it even easier by providing one source to simplify the ordering process.

Your Hubbell sales representative can show you everything you need to get started. It’s a discussion worth your time. Call today.

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