How Pharmaceutical Operations Maximize Productivity and Optimize Safety with Electrical Wiring Devices

Electrical wiring devices help deliver safe, reliable power and maximum productivity to every individual operation on a diverse pharmaceutical campus.

As the production sector’s most frequently selected supplier of electrical wiring devices, Hubbell effectively supports a wide variety of pharmaceutical operations in the U.S. and around the world. We are proud to provide these highly specialized partners with high quality electrical wiring solutions which help them reduce downtime, maintain the highest productivity and optimize safety at every facility.


In fact, the phrase “every facility” is especially apropos to Hubbell’s hands-on knowledge of and effectiveness in serving our pharmaceutical partners. Unlike many other industries we serve, pharmaceutical operations are often characterized by the numerous distinct manufacturing operations and related high stakes support services that may operate side by side in separate buildings and locations on a single campus. With our extensive hands-on experience working with our partners in these locations, Hubbell has become highly effective at providing customized support to each individual operation, helping discern and identify the distinct strategic needs of each, and providing the specific electrical wiring device needed in each case for the most reliable, robust operation.


Indeed, Hubbell products support all amperage and voltage requirements, are available in every form factor, provide strict adherence to most demanding codes, and are designed to support production in the harshest operating conditions. This wide selection—all from one highly experienced, highly proven, highly trusted partner—offers the pharmaceutical industry the ultimate in one stop convenience and efficiency.


For example, a typical pharmaceutical campus might have simultaneous need to effectively and efficiently outfit a multitude of different operating areas all at once, all mission critical but all demanding very different solutions in order to land running for optimum success.


These might include:

  • Chemical plants
  • Fermentation plants
  • Pharmaceutical mixing/tableting plants
  • Wastewater plant
  • Cogen and power plants
  • Warehouse/Loading operations
  • Utility and Maintenance rooms
  • And more


In fact, Hubbell has recently produced a new piece of literature specifically discussing each process and the targeted products available to meet the specialized needs of each. You can download it here, as well as check out Hubbell’s new Pharmaceutical industry landing page with a host of other resources that may be valuable to you.


Products for complex pharmaceutical challenges

Let me provide a few quick tidbits here, based on Hubbell’s insights into pharmaceutical operations of all sizes, with solutions that are, right now, helping partners around the world maximize productivity and optimize safety day in and day out.


Pharmaceutical operations, for example, never compromise on safety, and yet have the added demands of maintaining hygienic operation in many challenging types of processes. To help support these needs, Hubbell motor disconnects are not only available in a wide array of amperages, but also in an innovative sloped top design that delivers the highest level of motor safety while also allowing washdown water to roll right off—for the highest level of hygiene as well.


Speaking of which, for operations that must utilize high pressure, high temperature cleaning jets, there’s nothing that performs like Hubbell’s Pin and Sleeve devices, protecting electrical connections from hot water, corrosive chemicals or even airborne particulates, and keeping the power flowing and operations at optimum productivity. Hubbell products are designed to meet and exceed the most demanding third party standards desired, including NSF and UL Type 4X, as well as the highly robust IP69k standard for Water and Dust ingress protection.


Pharmaceutical operations, across the diverse campus, often have shifting needs for robust hardwired connectivity as well as reliable plug-in power, and Hubbell has you covered with industry-leading reliability. For example, our pioneering Kellems® grips protect conduit from the pulling and vibration that can stop operations cold, with stainless steel construction that stands up to the most corrosive conditions, meeting Class 1 Division 2, Class 2 Division 1 & 2, and Class 3 Division 1 & 2 demands. In areas that call for non-hardwired solutions for optimum flexibility, Hubbell InReach Cord Reels allow for industrial strength operation and fast, easy mounting. And our LINKOSITY® pre-wired assemblies are delivering enormous efficiencies to pharmaceutical operations of all kinds, allowing for fast installation or redeployment of connectivity with crush resistant cable and sizes ranging from 3 to 30 amps.


There’s a lot more that pharmaceutical operators can benefit from, so I hope you’ll check out the information in the links above. But even more valuable might be to give a quick call to your Hubbell representative. They can help you find all the safety and productivity-enhancing opportunities in every building and every process driving every pharmaceutical operation.


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