How Food & Beverage Industries Enhance Efficiencies with Electrical Wiring Devices

Check out Hubbell Food & Beverage industry power solutions—the ultimate in productivity, safety, value, and, especially, hygienic operation.

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Solutions for Food & Beverage Processing Facilities

Hubbell works with food and beverage industries across the globe, helping them maximize safe and efficient power connectivity with highly robust, highly reliable electrical wiring devices—something the company has been doing for well over a century!

Nearly all food and beverage production operations contain at least one daily shift dedicated to washdowns including high pressure with high temperature power sprays mixed with caustic cleaning agents. Not all electrical devices can withstand such conditions, but Hubbell wiring solutions do and has been proven through the course of numerous tenacious washdowns and testing. 

Key Products

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems is proud to introduce the new Food & Beverage product guide that outlines electrical wiring solutions. The Line Card is also an at-a-glance piece to review the product line engineered for the most challenging industries.

Ongoing Requirements for Food & Beverage Producers

The guide highlights a host of wiring products that go the extra mile to meet the requirements of Hubbell's food and beverage partners including safety protocols, performance standards and extremely wet conditions. Hubbell's wiring products are designed to withstand maximum hygiene where water is easily sprayed into tight spaces for proper sanitation. They use specific grades of stainless steel such as 304L and 316S, reducing corrosion, maintaining a clean shiny look and feel, and delivering robust durability for the long term. They are smart engineered for fast and easy installation, as well as for ongoing performance. As a matter of fact, the company’s enormous industry installed base knows that Hubbell products are workhorses that just last and last.

It all adds up to optimum total cost of ownership—competitively priced products that perform better for longer. And that means optimum value always.

All the products food & beverage producers need—all in one place

Taking a look at the Food & Beverages Wiring Solutions Guide and the Line Card, industry professionals can browse the electrical wiring devices suited for the industry. Each product line offers a number of innovative enhancements that deliver unique benefits for food and beverage operations. 

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems' motor disconnects help optimize safety during motor work and satisfy OSHA lockout and tagline procedures. Additionally, industry professionals can explore product features that ensure fast and simple installation that reduces downtime and promotes many other operation proficiencies. Wondering how Hubbell made a safety-driven product safer? By developing an insight version that adds power lights to the cover, allowing the "no power" status to be continually affirmed for optimum surety.

In addition to Hubbell's unrivalled motor disconnects, the IEC Pin and Sleeve and Twist-Lock wiring devices offer superior functionality for the food and beverage industry. These products come in a multitude of sizes an operation may require and are offered in water tight versions that withstand the most stringent washdowns. The IEC Pin and Sleeve and Twist-Lock wiring devices are IP69k rated against the most demanding environments. Another new innovation in the category is the insight data monitoring feature that collects trends like temperature and power consumption while boosting the effectiveness of preventative maintenance efforts. This helps identify imminent failures that can be stopped before they occur.

Food and beverage industry professionals will also find a range of deluxe cord grips, Kellems, an industry segment that our team has developed along with high quality stainless steel basket trays.

So be sure to download the Food and Beverage Wiring Solutions Guide and Line Card today—and contact your Hubbell representative to put these safety, hygiene and productivity-enhancing products to work on your next line, helping to build in the optimum total cost of ownership from day one.

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