How Electrical Wiring Devices Increase Proficiencies for Pulp & Paper Industries

Hubbell power products are tailor made for the needs of Pulp & Paper, standing up to water, corrosive environments, dust, grit and more, for optimum uptime.

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Solutions for Pulp & Paper Processing Facilities

Over the years, Hubbell continues to focus its partnership strategies on global vertical markets. These markets showcase our company’s product strength and innovations that deliver optimal benefits for operators and the most demanding environments.

One industry that we’re especially proud to serve is Pulp and Paper. While many might think that “paper,” in this digital world, is going the way of the dinosaur, the Pulp and Paper industry is morphing into new areas and seeing traditional markets grow significantly—I’m thinking here about cardboard boxes (with Pulp and Paper of course a vital packaging partner to the exploding e-commerce industry) and pulp for a wide range of personal hygiene products.

Hubbell Wiring Devices Made for Pulp & Paper Facilities

Hubbell develops a variety of electrical products that serve many industries, and customers marvel at how well suited they are to handling the challenges manufacturers face every day. Environmental examples include wet and extremely corrosive environments as well as pulp and paper particles and dust that’s in the air. None of these conditions are consistent with safe, reliable power, but it’s in harsh environments where Hubbell products really stand out.

For example, while particles and dust may get into “everything,” they aren’t getting into products that have been torture tested and earned third party designations such as UL 50E Type 4X, 12K and IP69k for water and dust ingress protection. As a matter of fact, Hubbell has more devices that meet the latter than anybody—and that’s the toughest designation and highest level of protection there is. Hubbell offers the broadest line of watertight devices too. Just a few examples: Circuit-Lock® Motor Disconnects, Watertight Twist-Lock® devices and Watertight IEC Pin & Sleeve Devices. And that’s all supported by a broad line of stainless steel, highly robust strain relief and wire management and wire protection solutions too. Hubbell products like these keep the power flowing despite corrosive bleaching chemicals, standing water and continuous dust and grit. And that helps maintain the highest levels of uptime and productivity.

When it comes to uptime, Hubbell wiring devices are designed to keep things rolling in several innovative ways. For example, innovative engineering makes change-outs of many types of equipment, like motors, faster and easier than any other solution on the market. With the growth our pulp and paper colleagues are experiencing, fast deployment of new and auxiliary product lines is vital. Hubbell excels in temporary and remote power solutions, such as weather-proof robust cord reels that provide convenient power in open locations.

Hubbell wiring devices dove-tail seamlessly into the pulp and paper industry’s ceaseless drive for optimum safety. Products such as Insight motor disconnects provide LED lights for additional surety at a glance, keeping workers safe on the job during maintenance, and the ADVANTAGE series pin & sleeve devices, which provide the ultimate solution for safely disconnecting cord connected devices. 

The bottom line is the impressive total cost of ownership that Hubbell products deliver to the Pulp & Paper industry, with products that work ceaselessly and problem free behind the scenes, helping keep the operation running smoothly and maintaining uptime at the very highest levels.

Find out more—download Hubbell’s free Pulp & Paper Solutions Guide and Line Card today.

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