Choosing Electrical Products for Industrial Automation OEM Applications

Learn how to choose electrical products for industrial applications and the requirements of OEMs for electrical devices and components in our latest blog.

The requirements of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for electrical devices and components are unique. Not only do OEMs use electrical components in the design of equipment they produce, but they also purchase them to use in their own manufacturing processes.

But there are not many suppliers that can support both requirements. Supporting industrial automation applications, both process and product, requires electrical devices and systems provide performance and durability, which enhances safety and maximizes efficiency.

Engineering teams at OEMs need to work with manufacturers with the expertise to meet their exacting requirements for custom solutions. When specifications are demanding, Hubbell’s custom design capability provides the solution on time, on budget.

You can discover an effective overview of Hubbell’s complete automation OEM solutions in our guide here.


Performance and reliability

High performing electrical devices are critical to maintaining uptime in the plant. Extensive quality control checks should be integral part of the assembly process. Hubbell components and products are subjected to vigorous testing at every stage of manufacture. Final inspections ensure that the devices you install meet reliability and performance benchmarks that often exceed UL and government standards.


Product portfolio for OEMs

Our broad selection of protection products, general purpose switches, plugs and connectors are just the beginning of what Hubbell can deliver.

Heavy duty controls include motor disconnects, panel safe industrial connectivity and DIN rail power units. Any motor load in industrial automation applications require disconnects for control and safety. Rugged devices that can disconnect power at any point in a circuit without powering down other equipment keeps productivity high.

Wiring devices secure power where you need it. Different applications require appropriate power connections. From wet locations to chemical resistance to dust hazards, our line fits your needs. Options include pin & sleeve devices, twist-lock devices, straight blade devices, GFCI receptacles, and more. Our latest series, Twist-Lock Edge, is the market's fastest-terminating receptacle that allows you to get more done in less time, saving you time and labor during installations. 

Connectors and conduit help run all your electrical power safely. Industrial applications require making secure connections for all types of cabling in a wide variety of environments. Our broad offering provides durable connections and circuits, delivering long life with easy maintenance.

Comprehensive cable management in industrial OEM applications is far more than wire trays. It provides safety for cables and workers. Our products protect cable and hoses at workstations or in applications where they are required to move with the equipment, while still providing long, effective life.


Custom design capability

For innovative products that meet the needs of your application, Hubbell engineering works with you. Whether you need unique devices for your facility, or for integration in the equipment you make, we can help provide solutions on time and on budget.



Investing in solutions that support complex processes keep your plant running. Hubbell comes to the table with a history of innovating in the industrial workspace. We are committed to your priorities, and we anticipate tomorrow’s innovations.

Connect with our comprehensive product line for a competitive edge, now and into the future. Find out more about Industrial Automation OEM Solutions from Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems. Call your local Hubbell sales representative or visit our website for more information.  

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