Cable Assemblers and Lighting Manufactures: Hubbell has Miniature Power Connectors Available Now

With the Insul-Lock™ line of miniature power connectors and panel mounts, Hubbell is shipping now to meet the urgent demand of today’s manufacturers.

Like a lot of other establishments, entertainment venues were mostly shut down during a large part of 2020 and 2021, significantly reducing demand for lighting, video walls, signage and related products. That situation negatively impacted business for many companies in the entertainment lighting industry—and, of course, many others—as the world worked to battle back against an unprecedented health crisis.


Now that venues are starting to open back up and present music, theatre, comedy and other popular live events again, demand is escalating for the wares of entertainment lighting manufacturers and the cable assemblers and other suppliers that serve them. However, it’s a mixed bag: due to the impact of months and months of decreased demand rippling through the supply chain, many vital components are either in short supply, hampered by lengthened delivery times, or are simply not available at all.


Insul-Lock™ Plus and Insul-Lock™ Miniature Connectors

Such is the case with miniature connectors; while they may be only one small part of the finished equipment, they are vital and no equipment can get out the door without them. In fact, we are hearing from some manufacturers that they can’t meet their shipments because the parts they so urgently need have been on back order from their regular supplier.


Well, with Hubbell’s Insul-Lock™ and Insul-Lock™ Plus inline connectors and panel mounts, we’ve got you covered. Hubbell has adequate inventory on both 20 amp and 25 amp products, indoor and outdoor, and our factories are working full-on, churning out components 24/7 to meet the urgent demand. Insul-Lock™ and Insul-Lock™ Plus inline connectors and panel mounts are shipping right now to our customers, new and existing, anywhere they are needed. And, with their universal design, all parts mate seamlessly with those of any other brand, and are one-to-one replacements in any cable assembly or panel mounted device.


High Quality Performance Power Connectors

With the Insul-Lock family of products, Hubbell was the first—and in some cases, still only—miniature connector manufacturer to offer a number of high-end, in-demand features. For example, our connectors can be used with SJ as well as SO heavy jacketed cable, meeting NEC requirements and providing the highest level of robust performance against roll overs and crushing in busy and demanding soundstage environments. Outdoor versions seal against dirt and dust and are IP65 rated for water tightness when the rain starts to fall. Further, they are rated for safe disconnect under load.


All Insul-Lock products are available in both inline and panel mount styles, and feature a
vibration resistant, quick release latch as well as a matte black finish to blend invisibly into the environment.
And, as noted, all Insul-Lock products are compatible with any brand of miniature connectors you might be using, and mate seamlessly and perform efficiently and robustly in use.


So, if you are on the look-out for high quality miniature connectors—and you need them yesterday—we’ve got you covered. Contact your Hubbell distributor or representative about Insul-Lock™ and Insul-Lock™ Plus products today.

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