2 Apps That Make Hubbell Product Selection Easier Than Ever

To help you search for Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems solutions on the go – we updated two of our most-used apps to include the latest product information

Did you know? The average smartphone owner uses 30 different apps each month. These mobile applications help us get more done in a day – all from our devices. You can order food, pay bills, manage your workload, sign paperwork, and even browse Hubbell products!

To help you search for Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems solutions on the go – and from any device – we just updated two of our most-used apps to include the latest product information.

NEMA Twist-Lock Selector Tool App

Before this app came along, the only way to find the right Twist-Lock locking device for your application was by using a slide selector, catalog, or NEMA chart.

Our completely digital option makes searching and selection faster and easier – and you’ll now find even the newest Hubbell solutions within the app.

Based on the information you know about your project or application, there are four ways to search for a Twist-Lock device:

  1. By amps/volts/wires
  2. By NEMA reference number
  3. By catalog number (from Hubbell or another manufacturer)
  4. By NEMA blade configuration

From there, you’ll scroll through a carousel that features product names and images. This lets you visually inspect your product to verify that it will meet your needs. Select the product you want – and you’ll be instantly connected to more data and product information sheets.

You can also generate spec sheets to access information about ordering, features, benefits, performance, and accessories. Once you’re confident that you’ve found what you’re looking for, you can send or share the document with the simple press of a button.

The Twist-Lock Selector Tool App is a free download, no matter what type of device you use:

Want to see how the app works before you download it? Get to know it here.

Kellems® Selector App

The Kellems Selector App intuitively quickly guides you to the correct Kellems solution for any job. If you have a catalog number (whether it’s from Hubbell or a competitor), you can go straight to the device you’re looking for to discover product images and information.

Otherwise, you can search or browse by category:

  • Mesh grips (standard duty, heavy duty, service drop, bus drop, or fiber optic)
  • Cord connectors
  • Liquid-tight conduit and fittings

The app makes your product search quick and painless – and it now includes the newest Hubbell solutions.

Mesh Grips
When looking for mesh grips, built-in search filters let you quickly drill down to what you need based on grip type, eye type, and grip range (an integrated calculator helps you quickly determine the grip size you need based on the number of cables or wires). Safety information specific to mesh grips is also accessible within the app.

Cord Connectors
When you need a solution that forms a watertight seal and provides pullout cord protection, you can search for a cord connector. Filter your selections based on material type (aluminum, nylon, stainless steel, etc.), trade size, and/or cord diameter.

Liquid-Tight Conduit and Fittings
Options for conduit or fittings can be searched based on conduit or tubing type (metallic, flexible, etc.), trade size, or item type.

Want to see the app in action? Watch this short video.

If you want to save time when searching for your next Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems solution, using one of these two apps will guide you to exactly what you need!

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